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other packaging machinery

Jindongli Intelligent Technology (SZ) Co., LTD

Main Products:inductor testing and packaging machine,automatic tape and reel machine,tape and reel machine,inductor winding machine,coil winding machine,soldering machine,bending and forming machine

Hebei Guangxing Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Main Products:eps shape machine,eps block moulding machine,eps pre-expander,eps cutting machine

Shenzhen Longgang Huaxiang Machine Factory

Main Products:Blister Vacuum Forming Machine,Blister Packing Machine,Edge Folding Machine,High Friquency Packaging Machine,Fully automatic Cups Making Machine

Kunshan Yuanhan Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.

Main Products: tape cutting machine,Automatic Tape Cutting Machine,Automatic Tape Dispenser,Automatic Label Dispenser,wire stripping and cutting amchine
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