• TD type soil moisture meter

TD type soil moisture meter

Size 160 * 60 * 27 (mm)

Processing custom is

Brand sunshine

Models of TD

Specifications 160 * 60 * 27 (mm)

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TD type soil moisture meter (TD - 20 cm long T1 probe, TD - T2 probe length 60 cm)

Note: yellow for TD - T1, blue for the TD - T2

TD type soil moisture detector is my company introduction of foreign advanced sensor with high performance, digital moisture measuring instrument. Instrument using high frequency principle, digital display, fast measuring soil moisture.

TD type soil moisture measuring instrument measuring moisture wide range, high precision, clear display and measure rapidly, stable performance, reliable, and small volume, light weight, can carry on the detection of the scene, using simple and convenient. Is an ideal instrument to detect water.

One, the main characteristics

1, the introduction of foreign advanced sensors, imported chips.

2, special sensor design have beyond average penetration.

3, sensors work scope wide, insert measurement display quickly.

4, portable water meter shell design is exquisite, compact structure.

Second, the technical performance

1, measuring moisture range: 0 ~ 80%

2, resolution: 0.1%

3, response time: 1 second

4, show: LCD digital display

5, TD - T1 probe length 20 cm, TD - T2 probe length 60 cm

6, power supply: 9 v packed cell section

7, product: 160 * 60 * 27 (mm)

8, heavy quantity: 200 grams

Company Profile

Jinzhou sunshine meteorological science and technology co., LTD is engaged in the weather, environment, ecology and the research and development and production of the solar radiation instrument, it is also the only one domestic solar energy laboratory instrument research and development institutions, as the automatic meteorological station and solar experimental instrument is my unit's main product, from research and development production started in 1971, has a history of more than 30 years, the as many as hundreds of products, and the use of users all over the country, like, China institute of atmospheric physics, Chinese academy of sciences, the national weather service, China agricultural university, and so on are our unit's long-term friendly cooperation partners, if you work in what need to welcome to our unit instrument used website to be a guest, I sincerely hope that our products can have certain effect to help with your work, what are the technical problems are also welcome if you feel free to contact us! I will serve you wholeheartedly!
Jinzhou Sunshine Meteorological Science and Technology Co., Ltd.


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