• TBQ - FJ2 sunshine recorder; Qiao Tang sunshine recorder

TBQ - FJ2 sunshine recorder; Qiao Tang sunshine recorder

Processing customized

brand Qiao Tang type

Model FJ2

Measuring range sunshine recorder

Measurement object Sunshine time

Measurement accuracy 0.1 hours

Resolution of 0.1

Size 175 * 175 * 175 (mm)

Weight  3(kg)

Product Details

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TBQ - FJ2 sunshine recorder, Qiao Tang sunshine recorder

The main technical indicators

1. The sunshine record time: 5:00 ~ 7 p.m

2. The latitude to use scope: 0 ° ~ 60 °

3. Record time error: plus or minus 3 min

4. Overall dimensions: 175 * 175 * 175 mm

5. Weight: 3 kg

A day, 400 sheets of paper
Qiao Tang sunshine recorder.

Its main part is a cylinder, cylinder on each side has a small hole, the sunlight shines in through the holes. Inside the barrel there is coated with liquid photosensitive paper, coating solution is to use ferric ammonium citrate and mixture of the red blood salt according to certain proportion. All that is the place where sunlight will traces of photosensitive, trace length is the number () sunshine hours in the day. However, the actual sunshine time slightly longer than photosensitive trace. Because, according to the experiment, the sun traces of photosensitive need sunshine to have a certain strength, is about 0.32 per square centimeters per minute by the sun's heat, which corresponds to the Angle of the sun radiation intensity of 5 °. In this way, every actual sunshine time is longer than sensitive trace about 40 minutes. In addition, the high when has polluted the sun without light trace. But for the sake of unity in order to compare, China's sunshine time is also calculated according to the actual photosensitive trace length.

Several methods of judgment sunshine recorder installation is correct

Sunshine time is sun rays in the actual hours, the length of sunshine is closely related to the agricultural production, so all meteorological offices and stations must be observed sunshine hours throughout the country. Observation of rizhao instruments are: dark drum sunshine recorder, focusing on sunshine recorder, thermoelectric sunshine recorder, photoelectric sunshine recorder, etc. Dark tube sunshine recorder is a commonly used instrument meteorological offices and stations, dark drum sunshine recorder is the use of the sun through the holes into the cylinder on the instrument, make with sensitizer sunshine paper left photosensitive trace, to calculate the sunshine time. Like sunshine recorder installed correctly, in cloudless day, a day of photosensitive trace should be based on true sun when 12 when dividing line, and two in the afternoon on trace length and symmetry.

Ground meteorological observation specification requires that every month should check the installation condition of sunshine recorder, level, location, latitude is correct. Because of sunshine recorder exposure in the open air, after years of wind and rain, more or less human and non-human factors for tilting dark tube happens, made of dark tube body and the base is not in a horizontal plane, or in connection with the latitude of the dial indicator latitude error, it will bring certain difficulty to check. Based on years of inspection records and we research and analyze historical data, using photosensitive trace the change of position article summarizes several experiences, consult for everybody contrast:

1, the vernal equinox or the autumnal equinox, the sun's equator, the photosensitive trace should be vertical Yu Xiaokong straight line, when found photographic trace for curved upward arc, the dark tube body of the southern north on the low side, on the high side, the dark tube body for the latitude than smaller local latitude; Conversely, when photosensitive trace for downward bending arc, the dark tube body of the southern north high, low, to the latitude of the dark tube body is bigger than the local latitude of partial.

2, on the daily and trace should be based on true solar time 12 PM on time as the boundary, such as morning came to an end the trace of more than 12, at 12 PM, after the dark tube body towards west slope; Otherwise the trace of 12 in the morning before the end, before 12 PM, the dark tube body leaning towards the east.

3, sunshine recorder for a few days before and after the position of the photosensitive trace should be changed, such as morning on trace, trace offset, in the afternoon of the dark tube body of the west of due north, south by east. Vice trace offset in the morning and afternoon on the trace, the dark tube body north by east, south by west.


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Jinzhou sunshine meteorological science and technology co., LTD is engaged in the weather, environment, ecology and the research and development and production of the solar radiation instrument, it is also the only one domestic solar energy laboratory instrument research and development institutions, as the automatic meteorological station and solar experimental instrument is my unit's main product, from research and development production started in 1971, has a history of more than 30 years, the as many as hundreds of products, and the use of users all over the country, like, China institute of atmospheric physics, Chinese academy of sciences, the national weather service, China agricultural university, and so on are our unit's long-term friendly cooperation partners, if you work in what need to welcome to our unit instrument used website to be a guest, I sincerely hope that our products can have certain effect to help with your work, what are the technical problems are also welcome if you feel free to contact us! I will serve you wholeheartedly!
Jinzhou Sunshine Meteorological Science and Technology Co., Ltd.


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