• The weather bureau special evaporator E601B

The weather bureau special evaporator E601B

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Type: E601B

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Use manual E601B type water evaporator

One, the purpose and scope of application

E601B type water evaporator is the water evaporation in the evaporation station online observation instruments. Hydrological and meteorological department all can use.

Second, the main specifications and technical parameters

1, the maximum range measurement: 70 mm

2, measuring needle minimum scale: 0.1 mm

3, evaporation barrel mouth diameter: 618 mm

4, evaporation barrels deep: 600 mm

5, overflow bucket inside diameter: 196 1 mm

6, power supply: DC3V

7, environment temperature: - 40 ℃ to 50 ℃

Three, the main structure and working principle

The instrument main structure as shown in figure 1.

1. The principle diagram of the sounder

1. The needle (3) is the application of spiral micrometer principle is made. Has the characteristics of accurate, simple and reliable.

Micrometer screw by means of screw is fixed on the dial, twisted dial micrometer screw rotates, the rod do axial moving in the screw set. The whole measuring needle parts installed on the evaporation barrels outside the outlet hole. Rotary dial, move up and down the needle, make the tip contact surface.

Scaffold pole insulation, needle point contact water front without sound signal, a touch the surface when the needlepoint, BG1 produce base current, produce oscillation, the sounder touch the water to the workers with pinpoint signals, measured the accurate level of evaporation in barrel.

3, evaporation of barrel (4) is a device for 3000 cm and with a conical bottom of the glass fiber reinforced plastic barrels. The height of the cone section 8.7 cm, evaporation barrel mouth edge into the external oblique straight blade shape. In the barrel wall is equipped with needle socket (2) observed needle inserted in the socket hole, the still water box installed on the inner wall of the barrel, ice age when desirable observation time, is extremely convenient. The barrel wall engraved with the red line mark the water, instructs the evaporation surface after adding water or water in the bucket should maintain a height. Red water line 7.5 cm from the mouth. Barrel wall overflow pipe, are embedded with rubber tube (6) connected with the overflow bucket (7), to the discharge of heavy rain and evaporation barrels of internal cause overflow of water.

Circle (5) is a device in evaporation barrels of peripheral trawling, which breaks the evaporation barrels of internal and external water splashing and along the dirt on the ground impact on evaporation pollution in barrel. Circle with fiberglass. The walls of the overflow hole is open.

4, overflow bucket (7) is an area of 300 cm 2 metal cylinder barrel, used to lay up because of heavy rain over evaporation can let rainfall storage barrel itself, namely barrels spilled water evaporation.

Overflow barrels (7) for more and more heavy rain storm rainfall season. In more arid area and the rain season, can need not set.

Fourth, install and use

1, evaporation barrel buried in the grave, 7.5 cm mouth edge above the ground, when installation by adjusting the natural water surface line guarantee agreement with red mouth level.

2, circle against evaporation barrel wall buried, circle mouth edge should be lower than evaporation barrel mouth 5.0 cm and circle should maintain a level.

3, small install overflow bucket seat in the pit from water nozzle 50 centimeters, buried masonry pulp build by laying bricks or stones or other available material, but the pit base must be stable, pit and stamp should be level with the ground.

4, by water tsui rubber pipe buried to the overflow bucket.

5, the heavy rain or heavy rain in sparsely populated areas, when not in use the overflow bucket, stop up the overflow hole used rubber plug.

6, the overflow of water inside the barrel can fall back to the evaporation measurement in barrel, also can use a measuring cup, measuring gauge.

7, observed the needle inserted into the socket, the press scaffold pole with the hand, make its and outlet plane close to, can not leave gaps.

Figure 8, according to the connector into the audio jack, the other end of the two poles: one into the water, insert another pole in the scaffold pole socket.

9, open the power supply

10 and gyration dial, when once sounder, immediately stop the flick. Swirl around half a circle, sounder stop humming blare. Then slowly positive rotation and sounder, measured on the dial the first reading. Repeat the above action, measured on the second reading of the dial. As the result, just dial needle, write down the observations, the integer part readout on the rod, the decimal part read on the dial. Don't tip on when turning off the water after reading.

Five, repair, maintenance and troubleshooting

Continuous line 1, the sounder should inserted immediately, to avoid false contact, affect the signal transmission.

2, install a wipe cloth before measuring pins, will go to do there dirt, lest affect sensitivity.

3, instruments shall be within the prescribed scale up and down movement, in case the rod drop out, bad pin.

4, and bolts should add a small amount of instrument of oil, to prevent rust, but don't let the oil into the needlepoint, touch the water impact signal.

5, needle in use after a period of time, should go to unpick and wash to zero.

Water + 6, because of the R value of W1 directly influence the signal frequency, across different water quality, water R sizes and around stood in use for the first time, so if they do not have the sound effects, can open the sounder back cover, turn solid potentiometer slowly with the screwdriver, adjust the size of the W1, acoustics until satisfied. After observation, measuring needle with dry cloth to wipe the water pollution, load in the box.

7, evaporation barrel wall must be painted with a soft brush to add soap to wash regularly, do not use hard brush brush or metal knife scraping the wash.

8, needle socket shall regularly check, do solid screw is not loose, keep the jack on the plane level.

After the needle inserted into the socket, such as found malposition, follow these steps to reset:

Not nut (1) loose screws (take off).

(2) the screw hole diameter 4.5, screw for M4, with allowance for adjustment.

(3) before and after the adjustment, the visual range pole leaning into the bucket, or to the pail tilt, between the barrel wall socket box corresponding parts (upper and lower) add a proper thickness of the gasket is can.

9, installation, and dug up the evaporation barrels, careful, can't touch the bad blade.

6, warranty period

Operating in accordance with the above method of use, since the date of subscribers receive, equipment warranty period of five years.

Seven, products, spare parts

1, evaporation barrels 1 only

2, 4 circle

3, 1 set of needle

1 4, overflow the bucket

5, 1 brush

Rubber tube should bring along their own

D. the water mark line distance from mouth to 75 + 2 mm;

E. the overflow hole diameter 15 mm; The overflow hole bottom mouth 60 mm distance.

2. The hydrosphere

A. groove width: 200 mm

B. inner deep: 137 mm

3. The overflow bucket

A. inside diameter: 196 + / - 1 mm (300 cm) cross sectional area;

B. implement deep: 400 mm

4. The measuring device

A. needle range: 70100 mm;

B. resolution: 0.1 mm;

C. rod minimum scale value: 1 mm;

D. sounder power: DC3V

5. The evaporation barrels and hydrosphere made by glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, glass fiber reinforced plastic materials mainly for unsaturated polyester resin and glass fiber cloth.

6. Working environment temperature: - 40 ~ + 50 ℃

Second, the work principle and use scope:

In the observation field buried evaporation barrel according to the specification requirements, puts above the ground is about 75 mm; Hydrosphere placed around the barrels of evaporation. When you are working in evaporation barrels and inject a certain amount of water inside hydrosphere. By measuring the surface height difference can get water surface evaporation. Evaporation on the barrel wall is equipped with a socket, the electric needle rod inserted into the socket, and rotating rod to make the needle tip touches the water (sounder ring), and then read rod and the reading on the dial (decimal), calculate the difference between the two measurements is the evaporation. The electricity needle measurement range is 100 mm.

Three, major advantages:

1. The glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, low thermal conductivity, heat exchanging with soil, less measured values closer to the natural water bodies.

2. Have no rust, no crack, long service life characteristics, especially under the low temperature of antifreeze column performance hydrologic meteorological department had repeatedly solved the problem.

3. Electric needle view reading not only accurate, but also through sound discriminant needlepoint touch water or not, the convenient user use.


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