• Mechanical filters, activated carbon filters

Mechanical filters, activated carbon filters

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     Ion exchange is mainly used for the preparation of pure water and high water in the pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, painting, beverages and high-pressure boiler feed water, and many other workers in the field have been very widely used. It is compared with the recent introduction of the reverse osmosis unit, with the removal of ions completely, pretreatment requirements low, low cost of equipment and other characteristics. In the preparation of high water, the ion-exchange technology has no alternative in the current device. The total salt content of the water at the time of 400mg / l or less, depending on the requirements of users, the water quality in 1.0-0.2us / cm between. If the total salt content of the water at the time of 500mg / l or more, and can be combined with electrodialysis desalination, higher water quality. Our company can provide users alone engineering, auxiliary facilities, installation and commissioning, to develop procedures and training.
       Using ion exchange method, you can put the water was positive ionic state, anionic removed to sodium chloride (NaCl) on behalf of inorganic salts in water, water desalination basic reaction can be expressed by the following equation ways:

    cation exchange column (cation bed): R-H + Na + → R-Na-H +

    anion exchange column (anion bed): R-OH + Cl-- → R-Cl + OH_

   Yang, after the anion exchange column connected in series is called re-bed, the overall reaction can be written as:

        RH + ROH + NaCl ----- RNa + RCl + H2O

       This can be seen, NaCl in water has been replaced by, respectively, H + and OH_ resin, so reaching effects of salt removal

    mixed ion exchange column (mixed bed): mixed bed is the cation and anion resins by a certain percentage (1: 2, so that the cation and anion exchange resins to reach the end point while simultaneously regenerating) into the mix column together, in fact it is a combination of water became immediately generated H + and OH_ small degree of ionization of water molecules (H2O), there is almost no male or female bed bed is the inverse exchange swap phenomenon, so you can make the exchange reaction was very thorough, and thus mixed bed water quality is better than the sun, the water quality of the series consisting of anion bed rehabilitation beds that can be achieved, to the preparation of very high purity product water.

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     The  Main products of  Xinke water treatment plant: raw water treatment equipment, reverse osmosis equipment, ion exchange equipment, water purification equipment, pure water production equipment, sterilization equipment, household water purification equipment series, industrial wastewater, wastewater treatment equipment, water equipment, electronic, medical, chemical industry, food industry, water treatment and other special equipment. 
       Xinke have good credit, excellent service and a number of enterprises of establishing long-term cooperative relationship. Warmly welcome to visit, study, and business negotiations.
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