• Factory wholesale steel lining cans, soft water tank

Factory wholesale steel lining cans, soft water tank

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 5,000 Set/Sets per Month
Port: Dalian
Payment Terms: T/T

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Type: antiseptic tanks
lined: steel tank
Brand: Xinke
Model: 1200
Volume :2 (m3)
Weight: 200 (kg)
Dimensions: 3.2
LP Series automatic replenishment device with constant pressure expansion tank floor by floor-parallel expansion tank tank pump unit, pressure sensors, water sensors, electronic automatic water control cabinet

Because of the system temperature increases, the volume of water in the pipe is expanded so that the pressure rise inside the pipe, the expansion of the water tank body is squeezed to compress the original volume of air. When the temperature drop system, the volume of water is reduced, when the pressure drop due to the expansion of the air inside the tank can be pressed into the volume of water and then compressed to make the anti-water flow rate and the pressure within the pipe network will never offset and eliminate the pipe network in the water hammer and noise. When the pipe network system in operation and leakage and heat relief all fittings and valves evaporation of water inside the pipe is reduced. At this point in the pipe network pressure drops to a set minimum pressure, signaled by the pressure sensor 3, electronic automatic water control cabinet passed five self-replenishment soft starter motor pump 2, to supplement the water back to the water network, when the pressure rises to pressure sensor sends a signal when the set pressure, passed electronic automatic water control cabinet 5, self-closing stop slow replenishment. Again and again, when the system fails the pressure gauge from the pressure relief valve 10 will be discharged into the soft water tank to ensure the normal operation of the system security. After pressure water device settings can be automatic and manual replenishment, electrical control of the whole soft start slow close technical control, the water pressure is stable, water hammer produced, long life, safe and reliable

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     The  Main products of  Xinke water treatment plant: raw water treatment equipment, reverse osmosis equipment, ion exchange equipment, water purification equipment, pure water production equipment, sterilization equipment, household water purification equipment series, industrial wastewater, wastewater treatment equipment, water equipment, electronic, medical, chemical industry, food industry, water treatment and other special equipment. 
       Xinke have good credit, excellent service and a number of enterprises of establishing long-term cooperative relationship. Warmly welcome to visit, study, and business negotiations.
Jinzhou Xinke Water Treatment Plant


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