• Ultrafiltration equipment, ultrafiltration water purification system

Ultrafiltration equipment, ultrafiltration water purification system

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets
Model: 100

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Custom processing
Model 100
Water pressure 10 (Mpa)
Voltage 380 (V)
Nominal water production (m3 / h) film 10 logarithm 1000
Specifications 100
working temperature 10 (℃)
raw water salinity 0 (mg / L)
Ultrafiltration is a separation technique applied film, that is, under a certain pressure, so that the small molecules of the solute and solvent through the membrane a certain special aperture, leaving the macromolecular solute impermeable to stay in the side of the membrane, so that the macromolecules has been purified fraction. Ultrafiltration is a membrane separation process principle, active membrane ultrafiltration using a pressure, the external driving force in the water retention of colloidal particles and the relatively high molecular weight substances under (pressure) acts, while the water and small solutes through particles the membrane separation process. Through the porous filter membrane surface may MWCO 3x10000-1x10000 substances. When the effect of the water to be treated by means of external pressure at a constant flow rate through the membrane surface, the water molecules and the molecular weight of the solute through the membrane of less than 300 to 500, and particles larger than the membrane pores, and other macromolecules are retained due to the screening effect, allowing the water to be purified. That is, when water is passed through an ultrafiltration membrane, the colloidal silica can be most of the water contained in the removed, while removal of a large number of organic compounds and so on.

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