• Integral condensing boiler

Integral condensing boiler

The condenser adopts without cutting the extruded finned tube, heat transfer enhancement, high thermal efficiency

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The boiler adopts the corrugated furnace, threaded smoke tube;

The condenser adopts without cutting the extruded finned tube, heat transfer enhancement, high thermal efficiency;

※ scale detection, smoke temperature detection and other functions;

The configuration of special small temperature difference condensation heat recovery device, greatly improve the efficiency of boiler.

The boiler comprises a boiler body, energy-saving and flue gas condenser for the integration of organic whole, easy and convenient installation.

Plain boiler flue gas temperature is higher, the steam overheating, and gaseous state, if the exhaust temperature is low enough, the water vapor in the flue gases will be condensed down, the condensation latent heat of vaporization of water can be used.

The condensation of water vapor in the flue gas, the full absorption of boiler exhaust heat and water vapor latent heat of vaporization boiler called condensing boiler.

Integral fully condensing steam boiler is different from ordinary clean fuel boiler, the boiler's efficiency to the limit, lower emissions of harmful substances.

The exhaust heat utilization, improve the efficiency of boiler;

The exhaust gas temperature is low, the thermal efficiency can reach above 100%, the efficiency of the boiler to play to the limit;

* NOx, COx, SOx and other harmful substances emissions greatly reduced;

Most of the components of natural gas is methane (CH4), the products of combustion of water vapor accounts for more than 18%, 1 cubic meters of natural gas combustion, can produce 1.55Kg water vapor;

In the boiler exhaust available energy, the latent heat of vaporization of the water vapor in a large share, about 3700KJ/Nm3, accounting for natural gas low calorific value more than 10%;

Plain boiler combustion 80~85% passed to the refrigerant, heat accounted for about 1%, and according to the difference of fuel, the largest flue gas loss can be as high as high heat 20~30%;

For ordinary natural gas boiler, steam away the heat loss of the exhaust gas loss 55%~75%;

The boiler flue gas temperature is reduced to water vapor above the dew point, the boiler can improve the efficiency of 2~5%, if the exhaust temperature is reduced to below dew point, save water vapour latent heat of vaporization, heat efficiency is improved to above 11%~15%.
Integral condensing boiler

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FangKuai Boiler Co., Ltd., located in Hi-Tech Development Zone of Anyang and founded in 1998, is a modern hi-tech enterprise and is now a licensed Level A boiler manufacturer. Our company has launched various series of products, boasting more than 300 different specifications, including steam boilers, hot water boilers, triple-purpose boilers, organic heat carrier boilers, vacuum boilers, condensing boilers, waste heat boilers and coal-water slurry boilers.

Our company has a modern workshop of over 20,000sqm which is equipped with the first visual numerical control boiler production lines in China and has an annual production capacity of over ten thousand boilers as the biggest manufacturing base of commercial positive displacement visual numerical control boilers in mainland China.
FangKuai Boiler Co., Ltd.


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