• Condensing hot water boiler

Condensing hot water boiler

Pressure-bearing hot water boiler adopts a downstream triple-pass wet-back structure which is reasonable and compact.

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The boiler has a fire tube structure. The oil or gas, after splayed from the burner and nebulized, burns under the micro-pressure in the internal furnace. The high temperature flue gas transmits heat along the internal furnace and brushes the heated surface of the flue pipe, comes to the upper flue tank after convective heat exchanging, and emits into the air through the chimney. The boiler is provided with an import burner which is fully automatically controlled by program, has high degree of automation, and realizes optimized burning effect of the boiler. The boiler model is also provided with an import original burner, which is designed by full analog control of computer, has more compact structure and more convenient installation and maintenance, and can realize the fully optimized design of the flow of the heated surface and the flue gas. High grade centrifugal glass wool with multiple layers is adopted for insulation to reduce heat loss, and the imported colorful steel plate packaging has a nice-lookinG appearance.

- Pressure-bearing hot water boiler adopts a downstream triple-pass wet-back structure which is reasonable and compact.

- The internal furnace adopts the waveform internal furnace structure, which not only increases the irradiation area and the convective heat transmitting area, but also meets the demand of the automatic inflation of the internal furnace after high-temperature irradiation.

- The boiler adopts threaded flue tube which enhances the heat transmitting efficiency and significantly increases the heat efficiency.

- The demountable flue tank gate realizes convenient maintenance of the boiler.

- The upper part of the pressure-bearing boiler is provided with a gas-collecting device and the water inlet is placed at the top, thus the operation condition of the boiler system is improved.

The control system has the functions of automatic operation, manual operation, timing operation, failure logging and password protection.

- The automatic operation function, by setting the on/off temperatures of the burner and the circulating water pump, controls the system to automatically operate according to the set condition advanced and reasonable design, safe and reliable performance

Boiler wet back type three return, the corrugated furnace, threaded smoke tube structure, has good thermal elasticity.Tube plate and the cylinder body adopts a plate edge connecting structure, main body of weld joint structure, all using automatic submerged arc welding.

Unique design, so that the back combustion chamber are reliable protection

Back to the combustion chamber is completely immersed in the water, not only increase the heat transfer area, and put an end to that appear as dry back tube sheet cracking risk.Hot water boiler shell-fired tube plate increases heat insulating layer, reduce the tube plate temperature pressure.

The heating area is abundant, the big hearth structure, micro positive pressure combustion, combustion heat load is low, less harmful substances emissions

Boiler combustion chamber design is reasonable, fully adapt to city gas, natural gas, light diesel oil, heavy oil and other fuel, fuel in the hearth and micro positive pressure combustion, complete combustion, smoke less pollutants, boiler flue gas blackness, smoke, concentration, noise and other technical indicators are better than national standards for a class of area.

High thermal efficiency

Boiler heating surface for the corrugated furnace, convection heating surface using thread smoke pipe, large heating surface, thermal efficiency of the boiler is higher than the state regulations.

High content of science and technology

Products with independent intellectual property rights of patent technology, such as scale detection, touch screen control, water level monitoring, flue gas condenser, ensure that the products of high technological content.

Advanced production technology

Products using advanced CNC cutting, milling, automatic submerged arc welding and argon arc welding of tube plate welding, smoke and other new technologies, new processes, ensure product quality.

High quality welding

Boiler main longitudinal, circumferential welds are used in automated welding equipment, ensure the flaw detection qualified rate 100%.

Double sealing smoke box

Double sealing technology, ensure the smoke box never exposed smoke.

PLC intelligent control system

Fast company has full intellectual property rights of independent design and development of PLC automatic intelligent control system, using the integration of mechanical and electrical control equipment and programmable logic controller (PLC) joint control mode.Advanced to the programmable logic controller (PLC) for the control system of the "central processor".Control system with touch screen operation, so that the boiler automatic control degree and reliability is greatly improved, the operation is more convenient and intuitive.

Using quality parts

Burner using Italy Riyadh Road, Germany Paterson, Finland Olympic and other international well-known brand burner.Supporting key valve, instrument using domestic and international famous brands of high-quality brand-name products, such as Germany, France, Japan OMRON Siemens Schneider, guarantee the safe operation of the boiler.

Condensing hot water boiler

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FangKuai Boiler Co., Ltd., located in Hi-Tech Development Zone of Anyang and founded in 1998, is a modern hi-tech enterprise and is now a licensed Level A boiler manufacturer. Our company has launched various series of products, boasting more than 300 different specifications, including steam boilers, hot water boilers, triple-purpose boilers, organic heat carrier boilers, vacuum boilers, condensing boilers, waste heat boilers and coal-water slurry boilers.

Our company has a modern workshop of over 20,000sqm which is equipped with the first visual numerical control boiler production lines in China and has an annual production capacity of over ten thousand boilers as the biggest manufacturing base of commercial positive displacement visual numerical control boilers in mainland China.
FangKuai Boiler Co., Ltd.


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