• Condensing pressure hot-water boiler

Condensing pressure hot-water boiler

The unique front smoke chamber wet back structure, reliable water, improve the efficiency of the boiler and operating rate.

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The furnace body is wet back type central strile-back structure, fuel is atomized in the internal furnace micro positive pressure combustion, high temperature flue gas along the furnace heat transfer and flush the smoke tube heating surface, finally by flue gas condensation device to complete the condensation of flue gas is discharged into atmosphere.Imported burner control, computer simulation.The boiler to achieve optimal running effect.

Using the corrugated furnace increase the heat transfer area and ensure the heat radiation after free expansion; convective heat transfer surface using threaded smoke tube, enhanced heat transfer effect; tail flue gas condenser, absorption of latent heat in flue gas, energy-saving effect of layers of security, eventually make the thermal efficiency can reach above 96%.

Condensation heating surface by cutting and extruding type spiral fin tube, heat absorption efficiency, effectively reducing the flue gas temperature at the same time, can be removed from the flue gas NOx, SOx and other harmful substances, so that the flue gas to reach the national emission standard of a kind of region.

Centrifugal glass wool, aluminum silicate felt multilayer insulation, low heat loss.Package board using CNC machining equipment, assembly factory, compact structure, beautiful appearance.

The unique front smoke chamber wet back structure, reliable water, improve the efficiency of the boiler and operating rate.There are no longer traditional smoke box high temperature heat loss and the risk of shedding of cement.

According to the enterprise income tax law, this type of furnace for energy-saving equipment, enterprise purchase and the actual use of this type of furnace, can enjoy the preferential policy of tax credit.

Environmental protection of steam in flue gas condensation process, absorption of flue gas NOX, SOX and other harmful gases, emissions of harmful gases are significantly lower than the national emission standard, achieve national regional standards, in line with the State Environmental policy.(condensing heat exchanger gas side of condensed water is required to discharge to the neutralizing pool)

Full automatic control, once the investment that start, boiler water level, automatic operation, water temperature, automatic adjustment, automatic protection, timer switch machine and on time subsection start-stop.Boiler pressure, high temperature, low water, power, under voltage, over current, short circuit, phase, to prevent burning and other sudden failure can be timely shutdown, after troubleshooting manual reset.

Complete functions, flue gas monitoring device, which can automatically monitor the flue gas temperature of the boiler, the more easily grasp the boiler combustion condition.Incrustation alarm function: the use of patented technology, real-time monitoring of heating surface scale formation, once exceed the standard, the automatic alarm.Outlet / inlet water temperature display function more easily grasp the boiler and the running condition of the system, the user can according to the load needed to set the boiler water temperature so as to reduce the operation cost.

The device and the nozzle layout reasonable, optimize the boiler water circulation, effectively prevent the scale, is also beneficial for improving the water side heat transfer effect.In poor circulation of the weak link set hand hole, check hole, for regular inspection, maintenance.

Smoke pipe laying, a rear smoke box has the advantages of compact structure, reduced heat dissipation surface loss and easy maintenance.
Condensing pressure hot-water boiler

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FangKuai Boiler Co., Ltd., located in Hi-Tech Development Zone of Anyang and founded in 1998, is a modern hi-tech enterprise and is now a licensed Level A boiler manufacturer. Our company has launched various series of products, boasting more than 300 different specifications, including steam boilers, hot water boilers, triple-purpose boilers, organic heat carrier boilers, vacuum boilers, condensing boilers, waste heat boilers and coal-water slurry boilers.

Our company has a modern workshop of over 20,000sqm which is equipped with the first visual numerical control boiler production lines in China and has an annual production capacity of over ten thousand boilers as the biggest manufacturing base of commercial positive displacement visual numerical control boilers in mainland China.
FangKuai Boiler Co., Ltd.


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