• Top Quality Special Threaded Drillpipe With China Manufacture Price For Drilling Rig
  • Top Quality Special Threaded Drillpipe With China Manufacture Price For Drilling Rig

Top Quality Special Threaded Drillpipe With China Manufacture Price For Drilling Rig

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3.API Certificate Approved
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Product Details

Quick Details Parameter

Place of Origin : Panjin, China
Type : Drill Pipe
Machine Type : Drilling Tool
Use : Well Drilling
Processing Type : Casting
Technical support : Yes
O.D.of pipe body(in) : 2-3/8,2-7/8


Top Quality Special Threaded Drillpipe With China Manufacture Price For Drilling Rig




1. In the presence of thread crossover coupling, it can connect with API drilling tool or with existing drilling equipment.
2. The drilling tool can be connected by sleeve hydraulic tongs during drilling.
3. Inner and outer shoulders and barb thread make the actual joint efficiency highest, and the joint’s connection strength is larger than tube body, and service life is longer than API drilling tool. 4. The design of inner and outer shoulders and barb thread makes the drilling tool have higher bending resistance, thread gluing resistance and sealing property under bending than APE drilling tool, and adapt to drilling horizontal wells. 5. Due to barb buttress thread, -3 degrees of bearing surface angle, 20 degrees of guiding surface angle, and top and bottom paralleling to drilling tool pipe body, it has good fastening performance.
6. Inner and outer shoulders make threaded connection stress more reasonable than threaded connection of API drilling tool, and eliminate stress mutation of root of male thread as the end of male thread has no inner shoulder contact during threaded connection of API drilling tools. Therefore, the drilling tool avoids root cracking of male thread frequently occurred in API drilling tools. 7. It has no weld seam, improves connecting performance and corrosion resistance of the joint, and has the best design of hydrothion resisting drilling tool.
8. As threaded connection external diameter of the drilling tool is less than that of API (tool joint), the drilling tool more facilitates drilling of slimhole and small-hole deep well.
9. As threaded connection external diameter of the drilling tool is less than that of API (tool joint), it greatly reduces friction between threaded connection part and tube wall, and prolongs the service life.
10. As threaded connection external diameter of the drilling tool is less than that of API (tool joint) and the drilling tool has no internal upset, the drilling tool has larger internal diameter than API drilling tool, and facilitates slurry circulation of drilling process.
11. Internal upset of API drilling tool makes pipeline inner wall generate mutation, so that slurry has turbulence in internal upset part when circularly flowing in drilling pipeline, and tube wall at internal upset part is often pierced. The drilling tool has inner and outer shoulders, so the pipeline inner wall is flat, and the drilling tool eliminates turbulence caused by circulation of slurry in drilling pipeline in drilling process, and piercing of tube wall generated by turbulence when the slurry circulates in drilling pipeline.

Structural Features
1. Patent structural design, ensuring maximum performance of the joint.
2. Barb buttress thread, -3 degrees of bearing surface angle,20 degrees of guiding surface angle, and top and bottom paralleling to drilling tool pipe body.
3. Thread is directly processed onto the tube body, so it has no weld seam and heat affected zone.
4. Double shoulder thread design, simultaneous contact of inner and outer shoulders.
5. External upset, no internal upset on inner wall of the tube.


O.D.of pipe body(in)


Steel grade

Wall thickness(in)


Collapsing pressure(Map)

Yield internal pressure(Mpa)

Joint strength(KN)









6.65 X 0.280 1.815 136.2 135.1 778.6
6.65 G 0.280 1.815 150.6 149.3 863.1
6.65 S 0.280 1.815 193.6 192.0 1107.8









10.40 X 0.362 2.151 144.2 144.3 1210.2
10.40 G 0.362 2.151 159.3 159.6 1334.8
10.40 S 0.362 2.151 204.9 205.1 1717.4

Company Profile

Panjin chang tai Petroleum Tubular Co.,LTD(CHT),is located in the shore of Liaohe oil field which is known as chinese third largest oil field.It is a modem,professional,international OCTG manufacturing enterprise.After years of continuous development,continuous improvement, it has formed a relatively complete industrial scale with a strong comprtitiveness and growth potential.

Main products include four categories:tubing,casing,drill pipe and  the sieve tube. Product specitications include the ф60.3~ф508mm,follow the API standard and non-API series of products.It also produces various specifications of line pipe to meet the reguirements of different customers.

Company always follows the  ISO9001 and APIQ1 quality management system, and the quality polidy of scientific management, the best service ,the best quality and continuous improvement to provide customers with quality products and services .We always insist on the quality first ,integrity-based enterprise concept to ensure that substandard products do not put into production ,substandard products are not to order ,substandard products do mot leave the factory .Unswervingly follow the ISO14001andISO18000 environmental management system in creating material civilization and promoting the basic principles and core values of human society ,and promote the harmonious development of society.

 OCTG prdduced by company are widely used in Liaohe Oilfield.Jilin Oilfield ,Daqing Oilfield,Prolong Oilfield and other major domestic oil companies ,and exported to the United States,Canada,Kazakhstan,Central Asia,the Middle East and other countries and regions ,and access a wide range of Identity ,the company is one of major OCTG production bases in  China.


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