• The wine alcoholize device

The wine alcoholize device

 1, the active ingredient content
2, the uniformity of the degree of mixing of the active ingredient
3, the molecular characteristics change

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 The entire production process of the wine, Aging is an important part of that decision to the quality of the wine is good or bad. Existing means of production, the cellars are generally used in a way. Health cellar alcoholates and liquor and wine preparation, different varieties, the traditional craft which takes up to a year to decades, and the substance of the wine often occur at low temperatures irreversible precipitation, transparency of wine down visual effects and taste worse. Countries around the world over the years the wine industry has taken a variety of measures in an attempt to solve these problems, but in addition to the cost of a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, it has achieved very little. Therefore, under the premise of guaranteeing quality, the use of artificial means to make the raw wine cellars the alcoholization period as short as possible, to make a variety of configurations wine with its own premise, and always maintain crystal clear; same time, conserve resources, reduce costs, accelerate liquidity, efficiency, is the desire to dream of the wine industry in the world. Cellar for several years with the hydrodynamic ultrasound alcoholization technical processing alternative natural alcoholization process compressible the original alcoholize time more than 98%; wine as the fluid medium, able to deal with the the device preparation of liquor and wine, with a special fluid sound in any phenomena such as sedimentation, turbidity, temperature environment are no longer able to ensure that the look and feel of the various types of wine Ying Che transparent sweet and mellow taste; most important feature of the technology than other wine making process. Using this technique, you can undoubtedly saving investment, reduce the wine industry a lot of money and the cellar land occupied, and one-time savings of wine raw materials such as grain, grapes. The technology is called an epoch-making revolution of the wine manufacturing industry. In the the alcoholates process, the following several important factors ultimately determines terminal of wine quality, taste, and production costs.
1, the active ingredient content
2, the uniformity of the degree of mixing of the active ingredient
3, the molecular characteristics change
4, the conversion of the harmful substances
The existing process through cellars and distillation processing and other means to achieve the above means there is a long, time-consuming and complex process equipment. The above problem is precisely the fluid ultrasonic processing device that can be accomplished.
Ultrasonic treatment liquor production processes

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      The wuxi innovate machinery development Limited company, is a science and technology enterprises , In the heritage of traditional chemical equipment manufacturing basis, more focus on technology innovation and development .  Have designed and manufactured in the emulsification machine, reactor, planetary mixers and all kinds of filling machines, while more prominent lines, filling lines, and the non-standard engineering design, manufacturing and installation capacity. Generally applicable to cosmetics, food, adhesives, petrochemical and other industries.
  The new project "phacoemulsification burn fuel mixed with water saving devices", using ultrasonic technology , heavy oil, residual oil, coal tar emulsion mixed with water, so that combustion, significantly reducing  CO, Sox, NOx emissions . Energy, while also protecting the environment; also reduces erosion of harmful substances on the body. Apply to burning heavy oil, residual oil or coal tar most of the industrial boiler, available online emulsification and preparation, without any additives.Cleverly designed hydraulic feeder,Can be applied to a concave and convex slot bucket of feed extrusion, Will not divulge in the concave groove's place, Unlike ordinary pressure feeder can only meet the smooth circular tube wall ,solved the chemical rubber to mount the medicinal preparation profession a big difficult problem. Looks resembles simply, but has manifested engineer's wisdom, has reflected enterprise's development mentality and the style.  innovation's technology and the development most strive for, to need the outstanding technical talented person, Enterprise has the industry experienced engineers, knowledgeable, professional and pragmatic, to design a reliable product quality, complete functions, easy operation, you create high-quality products with advanced equipment.


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