• RH-150/250/350 Vacuum Emulsifying unit (snorkels type)

RH-150/250/350 Vacuum Emulsifying unit (snorkels type)

Emulsification unit: rack, emulsifying pot, water pot, pan, mixing system, heating system, vacuum system, lifting system, control system, etc.

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 Emulsification unit: rack, emulsifying pot, water pot, pan, mixing system, heating system, vacuum system, lifting system, control system, etc.

How it works:
Material first heated in the water pan, pan and sucked by a vacuum pump, after mixing, emulsifying pot, stirred through emulsified potwall scraping frame, bidirectional center stirring blade shearing, compression, folding, and mixed downwardly to pot homogenizer atthe bottom of the body, high tangential velocity generated by the high-speed rotation of the rotor homogenizer and high frequencymechanical effect brought about strong kinetic energy, so that the material in the stator and rotor narrow gap subjected to intense mechanical and hydraulic shear centrifugal extrusion, liquid layer friction, impact of the combined effects of the tear and turbulentmaterial particles, emulsification, mixing, mix thoroughly dispersed equal to a short period of time to complete. Leaving immisciblesolid phase, liquid phase, gas phase process in the corresponding mature instantaneous uniform fine dispersion of emulsified finally obtained a stable high-quality products.

The emulsifying pot can be evacuated, and pumped out of the bubble generated by the material in the mixing process in a timelymanner.

Quality SUS316L material to machine materials, contact parts, the inner surface of the mirror-polished vacuum mixing device hygiene,and to comply with the GMP hygiene standards.
Cosmetics: creams, lotions, toothpaste, mascara, shampoo, shower gel, hair dye
Medicine: ointment formulations, cytoplasm, and the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, emulsion, suspension,
Food: salad dressing, mayonnaise, ice cream, cheese, milk drinks, yogurt, juice, reconstituted milk
Chemicals: grease, dyes, resins, asphalt, silicone oil, a flocculant, white carbon, a photosensitive agent, a synthetic rubber, nano-materials, etc.

RH-150/250/350 Vacuum Emulsifying unit (snorkels type)
Suitable for use in mass production.

Company Profile

      The wuxi innovate machinery development Limited company, is a science and technology enterprises , In the heritage of traditional chemical equipment manufacturing basis, more focus on technology innovation and development .  Have designed and manufactured in the emulsification machine, reactor, planetary mixers and all kinds of filling machines, while more prominent lines, filling lines, and the non-standard engineering design, manufacturing and installation capacity. Generally applicable to cosmetics, food, adhesives, petrochemical and other industries.
  The new project "phacoemulsification burn fuel mixed with water saving devices", using ultrasonic technology , heavy oil, residual oil, coal tar emulsion mixed with water, so that combustion, significantly reducing  CO, Sox, NOx emissions . Energy, while also protecting the environment; also reduces erosion of harmful substances on the body. Apply to burning heavy oil, residual oil or coal tar most of the industrial boiler, available online emulsification and preparation, without any additives.Cleverly designed hydraulic feeder,Can be applied to a concave and convex slot bucket of feed extrusion, Will not divulge in the concave groove's place, Unlike ordinary pressure feeder can only meet the smooth circular tube wall ,solved the chemical rubber to mount the medicinal preparation profession a big difficult problem. Looks resembles simply, but has manifested engineer's wisdom, has reflected enterprise's development mentality and the style.  innovation's technology and the development most strive for, to need the outstanding technical talented person, Enterprise has the industry experienced engineers, knowledgeable, professional and pragmatic, to design a reliable product quality, complete functions, easy operation, you create high-quality products with advanced equipment.


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