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  • Quartz glass article

Quartz glass article

Country of origin Liaoning jinzhou

99.99 silica content (%)

Melting point (1750 ℃)

Mohs hardness 7

Density (2.2 g/cm3)

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The main features

Characteristics of quartz in article [1], the main is transparent, without impurities, no yellow, high light transmittance, has the physical properties such as resistance to high temperature, high pressure, high machining accuracy.

1, high temperature resistant quartz glass of softening point temperature of about 1730 ℃, can be used for a long time under 1100 ℃, the highest temperature can reach 1450 ℃, short time

2, corrosion resistant Except hydrofluoric acid, quartz glass and other little acids material produces chemical reaction, the acid capacity is 30 times of the ceramic, stainless steel 150 times, especially chemical stability at high temperature, is unmatched by any other engineering materials.

3, good thermal stability The thermal expansion coefficient of quartz glass, can withstand the severe temperature changes, the quartz glass heated to 1100 ℃ or so, will not burst into cold water.

4, pervious to light performance is good Quartz glass in the ultraviolet radiation to the whole spectrum of infrared wave band has better performance of pervious to light, visible light transmittance over 93%, especially in the ultraviolet spectral region, the maximum transmittance can reach more than 80.

5, good electrical insulating performance Quartz glass resistance value is equivalent to ten thousand times of common glass, is an excellent electric insulation material, has good performance even under high temperature.

The main purpose

Quartz and quartz glass is mainly used in: flat glass, float glass, glass products, glass jars, glass bottles, glass, etc.), optical glass, glass fiber, glass instruments, conductive glass, glass cloth and the rays, special glass, etc.

Company Profile

Jinzhou city xin xin ling riverfront quartz glass factory, located in a long history, beautiful scenery of the western liaoning central city - jinzhou city. Our factory was founded in 1991, with more than 30 employees. Mainly of force in the development, production, sales professional quartz manufactory of various kinds of quartz products.

Its main products are:

1, quartz glass, bar

2, quartz glass tube, instruments, products

3, far-infrared heaters

4, ultraviolet germicidal lamp

5, optical quartz glass

6, quartz crucible, opaque quartz glass products

7, quartz glass instruments, vessels, beaker, in vitro

8, special specifications quartz tube, quartz plate
Jinzhou Xinxin Quartz Factory


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