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Quartz Glass Tube

category Quartz glass

The thickness of 1-99 (mm)

Refractory grade 99

Thermal stability of 99

Uv transmittance (%) 95

Model 100

Shading coefficient of 100 (%)

Security 100

Heat transfer coefficient of 100

Surface stress 80 (Mpa)

Light transmittance (%) 95

Mohs hardness 7

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Quartz glass, the hardness of Morse seven, high temperature resistance, low expansion coefficient, heat shock resistance, chemical stability and electrical insulation performance is good, and can through ultraviolet and infrared light. Except hydrofluoric acid and thermal phosphoric acid, acid in general has good resistance to acid. According to the divided into two major categories of transparent and opaque transparency. According to three classes of high purity, ordinary and doping purity. Made of crystal, silica, silicide as raw material, through high temperature melting or chemical vapor deposition. Melted method is fused method, gas refining method, etc.

The formation of quartz glass is caused due to its high temperature melt viscosity is very high. Used in semiconductor, electric light source device, half guide communication devices, lasers, optical instruments, laboratory instruments, electrical equipment, medical equipment and resistance to high temperature corrosion of chemical equipment, chemical, electronics, metallurgy, building materials, and defense industries, can be widely applied.

Quartz glass is a kind of special glass silica containing only a single component. Abroad because of the different types, process, raw materials, often called the silicate glass, quartz glass, fused silica, fused silica, synthetic fused silica, and there is no clear concept of transparent, translucent, and opaque quartz, etc. Generally referred to as the quartz glass in China, according to the process, use and appearance to classification, such as transparent fused quartz glass, fused quartz glass, gas refining transparent quartz glass, synthetic quartz glass, opaque quartz glass, optics quartz glass, semiconductor with quartz glass, electric light source with quartz glass, etc. People are accustomed to using "quartz" such a simple words to name this kind of material, this is absolutely wrong, because of silica and amorphous "quartz" is a general term, it has to do with glassy state of silica on the physical and chemical properties are different.

Chemical properties

Quartz glass with low thermal expansion coefficient, high temperature resistance, excellent chemical stability, good electrical insulation, low and stable ultrasonic delay performance, best through ultraviolet spectrum performance as well as through visible light and near infrared spectral properties, mechanical properties and has a higher than common glass. So it is the modern advanced technology in space technology, atomic energy industry, national defense equipment and automation system, and semiconductor, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric light source, communication, light industry, building materials industry in the indispensable one of the excellent material. Quartz glass is made from natural crystal quartz (silica) crystal or pure, or synthetic silane by high temperature melting system

. Melt after the product has excellent processing performance, within the scope of its high viscosity, can be like a common glass tube and rod details of hot working, also can be made of diamond or sic grinding tool for high speed machining, which made all kinds of complicated shape of instruments and special products. Quartz glass performance mainly depends on its purity, the second is the process or thermal system. The presence of trace impurities will bring significant to use performance of quartz glass; At the same time, because of a process or a slight negligence of the thermal system, will bring a variety of defects to the appearance quality, produce a large amount of waste products.

The purity

An overview of the

Purity is an important indicator of quartz glass, great influence on the physical and chemical properties and operational performance, such as loss of permeability, high temperature strength, softening point, light transmission, thermal stability, chemical stability and radiation resistance, fluorescence characteristics; In addition, quartz glass used in the semiconductor industry, the purity requirements more stringent, trace amounts of impurities will bring performance and life as well as the integration of semiconductor materials. Because the purity control of semiconductor materials in the following parts per order of magnitude, so quartz glass should be controlled in PPm order to meet the needs of the semiconductor industry. Close to 1 B segregated coefficient, one of the most difficult to remove, is one of the most harmful impurities, such as Cu, Fe, Ti, affecting the service life of semiconductor of Jane K, Na, Li is single crystal material to produce micro defects of harmful impurities. The company to serve the semiconductor industry has more than 40 years of history, remove the harmful impurities and always committed to the development work.

Company Profile

Jinzhou city xin xin ling riverfront quartz glass factory, located in a long history, beautiful scenery of the western liaoning central city - jinzhou city. Our factory was founded in 1991, with more than 30 employees. Mainly of force in the development, production, sales professional quartz manufactory of various kinds of quartz products.

Its main products are:

1, quartz glass, bar

2, quartz glass tube, instruments, products

3, far-infrared heaters

4, ultraviolet germicidal lamp

5, optical quartz glass

6, quartz crucible, opaque quartz glass products

7, quartz glass instruments, vessels, beaker, in vitro

8, special specifications quartz tube, quartz plate
Jinzhou Xinxin Quartz Factory


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