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  • 50L-100L micro brewing equipment, craft brewery

50L-100L micro brewing equipment, craft brewery

Actually two tanks in one: In the top unit, called the Mash/Lauter Vessel, grist and hot water are mixed to produce mash.From this, a clear substance called wort is extracted. The bottom unit 

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 Beer equipment introduction: 
Malt milling system
Malt miller machine  
Grist case
Flex auger
Mash system
Mash tank/lauter tank
Boiling tank/whirlpool tank
Hot water tank 
Mash/wort/hot water pump
Wort oxygenation device
Operation platform
Plate heat exchanger
Fermenting system
Beer fermenters
Bright beer tanks
Yeast adding tank
Accessories, such as sample valve, pressure gauge, safety valve and so on
Cooling system
Ice water tank 
Refrigerating unit
Ice water pump
Clean in place
CIP cleaning system
disinfection tank & alkali tank &cleaning pump etc.
Control system, we have PLC automatic and semi-automatic, the elements brand include LG, Siemens, CHNT and so on.
Kegging system
kegging system ( keg washer and keg filler machine), the control system brand is Siemens.


· combi tanks, multifunctional tanks
· integrated process piping
· milled false bottoms
· integrated pump system
· including platform for combining the necessary vessels
Sanitary design:
· polished internal tank surface and welds
· easy and fast cleaning
User friendly:
        · versatile process with stage selection
        · master brew interface control system, manual control (pump on/off, temperature control, flow regulation)
        · 45 - 60 minute knockout time
Once equipment is installed to form the brewing "system", you can begin to produce fresh, craft beers. Here are the steps of the brewing process as the ingredients flow through the system:
[ 1 ] - MILL
A high-quality, adjustable, two-roll mill crushes the barley to the desired coarseness to form grist.
Actually two tanks in one: In the top unit, called the Mash/Lauter Vessel, grist and hot water are mixed to produce mash.From this, a clear substance called wort is extracted. The bottom unit 
of the Combi VEssel holds the additional hot water (liquor) needed for brewing and clean-up
[ 3 ] - MANIFOLD
During the brewing process, wort and hot and cold water must move easily through the brewhaouse. The Manifold is a nine-valve control station which allows all liquid to transfer in a safe, sanitary manner. This eliminates liquid spillage and contamination, which may occur when connections or disconnectiong hoeses 
and clamps, or using swing arm panels.
Here wort is brought to boil and mixed with hops, which adds bitterness and aroma to the mixture. Depending on customer preference, the Brew Kettle can be directly gas-fired or steam heated. It mau ca clad in stanless steel and copper, or furnished with the classic onion0shaped dome.
Using tap water, chiled water, glycol or a combination of the three, this compact unit efficiently cools wort before its transferred to the fermenter. The Exchanger also returns 
excess hot water to the Hot Water (liquor) Tank for use in the next brew.
HEre yeast is added to wort to create the distinctive composition and flavor of beer. Our special disign allows for fermentation, aging, carbonation and lagering all in onetank, 
if desired. This saves the brewer time and minimizes space. Fermenters are individually temperature controlled. (ASME Code Approved Optional.)
[ 7 ] - FILTER
At this stage, yeast is removed from the mixture, eaving brillantly clear beer. A palte-and-frame or horizontal diatomaceous filter is employed to recover every last drop of beer to minimize and filter the product for packaging.
These units receive and hold the filteres beer for direct service to the bar. Or thay may be used as holding tanks for packaging the product. (ASME Code Approved Optional.)

Company Profile

 Jinan Humber Equipment Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2000, and is a professional manufacturer of beer equipment. 
Main products of our company are equipments of micro brewery plants with daily capacity of 1hl-10hl and middle-class brewery plants with daily capacity up to 15hl-200hl. The beer equipment is widely used in hotel, pub, restaurant, home brewery plant and medium brewery plants. 
Our company has cooperated with universities of science&technology for many years. We have introduced German original brewing manufacturing technique and beer brewing craft. With great concentration, we have succeeded in developing HB series brewing equipment. We have focused our activities on manufacturing small and medium size brewery plants in the range from 1hl up to 200hl. We also have produced all types and sizes of brewhouse fermentation tanks, bright beer tanks, yeast propagation tanks, storage tanks, refrigerator systems, steam boilers, and other equipment. We also supply free equipment installations , testing, first beer brewing, and production craft training. 
Currently, Humber Equipment has already been exported to Russia, America, France, Australia, Italy and 20 other countries and regions. Our company has always focused on research, development and innovation, and had adopted computer intelligent biological brewing system earlier in beer industry, which not only saves time and labour but also makes our equipment stable quality, reasonable price, and brew out pure taste beer. We have attained ISO9001 certification and strictly follow it. 
Our HUMBER BEER equipment is recognized by broad masses of users mainly depending on our solid quality and perfect after-sale service. Used our beer equipment and under the compliance with the pure beer brewing process of Munich in Germany, you can brew out high quality pure varieties beer such as yellow beer, red beer, green beer, black beer, wheat beer, fruit beer, health care beer etc. 


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