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 Hotels brewed equipment is the inevitable trend of the development of the world beer, equipment operation simple, covers an area of small, quick return, let the Chinese people to taste the real to the pure German puree beer brewing.

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 Hambo brewed beer introduced:
Hotels brewed equipment is the inevitable trend of the development of the world beer, equipment operation simple, covers an area of small, quick return, let the Chinese people to taste the real to the pure German puree beer brewing.
Jinan Humber Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. has a number of experienced engineers, in reference to the German beer equipment based on innovation, research and development of energy-saving type craft beer equipment, all adopt SUS304 or copper material, automatic laser cutting, laser welding, to ensure the product quality, saccharification system is equipped with various types of hops device, fermentation system equipped with sampling, hops, dry feed, liquid level detection of the advanced equipment, in order to meet the requirements of conventional lager brewing process at the same time, cater to the currently on the market the most popular of the IPA, PA, STOUT all al brewing process.
Hotel brewed specifications: 100L, 200L, 300L, 500L, 1000L, 2000L, 3000L.
Factory based on the beer factory: 2000L, 3000L, 5000L.
Companies can provide design, processing, engineering installation, brewing process training and other service projects, for your hotel, restaurant and small and medium beer factory to provide a more perfect investment program!
Component parts of each system:

1.Mashing system includs malt mill machine, mashing boiling tank, filtering lauter tun, board cooling machine, wort oxygenator, sheet yeast pitching device, draining vapor system and equipment base.
2.Fermentation system includs fermentation tank, top tank components, equipment base and pipeline.    
3.Auxiliary system includs alkali tank, acid tank, detergent filter, pipeline and so on. We can configure various specifications according to the requirement of the customers.
4.The filter part includs filtering machine and pump of diatomite rough and refined filter as a whole.
5.Refrigeration system includs refrigeration unit , evaporator, cooling water tank and equipment base.
6.Control system includs PLC semi-automatic system -Our technical personnels program according to the technology, so it can realize different process purposes.
 (1). Characteristics of the system: centralized management, discrete control, strong anti-interference, high reliability; international dimensions, open structure, convenient system extension.
(2). Manual control system-the characteristics: centralized management strong anti-interference, high reliability, international dimensions and convenient operation.

Company Profile

 Jinan Humber Equipment Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2000, and is a professional manufacturer of beer equipment. 
Main products of our company are equipments of micro brewery plants with daily capacity of 1hl-10hl and middle-class brewery plants with daily capacity up to 15hl-200hl. The beer equipment is widely used in hotel, pub, restaurant, home brewery plant and medium brewery plants. 
Our company has cooperated with universities of science&technology for many years. We have introduced German original brewing manufacturing technique and beer brewing craft. With great concentration, we have succeeded in developing HB series brewing equipment. We have focused our activities on manufacturing small and medium size brewery plants in the range from 1hl up to 200hl. We also have produced all types and sizes of brewhouse fermentation tanks, bright beer tanks, yeast propagation tanks, storage tanks, refrigerator systems, steam boilers, and other equipment. We also supply free equipment installations , testing, first beer brewing, and production craft training. 
Currently, Humber Equipment has already been exported to Russia, America, France, Australia, Italy and 20 other countries and regions. Our company has always focused on research, development and innovation, and had adopted computer intelligent biological brewing system earlier in beer industry, which not only saves time and labour but also makes our equipment stable quality, reasonable price, and brew out pure taste beer. We have attained ISO9001 certification and strictly follow it. 
Our HUMBER BEER equipment is recognized by broad masses of users mainly depending on our solid quality and perfect after-sale service. Used our beer equipment and under the compliance with the pure beer brewing process of Munich in Germany, you can brew out high quality pure varieties beer such as yellow beer, red beer, green beer, black beer, wheat beer, fruit beer, health care beer etc. 


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