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Performance Parameters

Test Theory:Volumetric method high temperature and high pressure adsorption, desorption isotherm,

Adsorption and desorption speed curve;PCT Adsorption and desorption speed 
curve;PCT Adsorption and desorption isotherm;Langmuir method fitting straight line;
Adsorption constant a, and b value;  3~10S desorption initial velocity; Real-time desorption velocity curve; Desorption rate final value; Desorption velocity curve;
 Desorption volume curve.        

Test Precision:Repeated error is less than ±2%.

Analytical stationOne sample analytical station, two independent high temperature pre-treatment stations. 

Pressure scope:From highly vacuum to maximum 200bar. 

Pressure precision :Imported high precision pressure sensor, with precision of up to 0.01% FS and long-term utilization stabilization of 0.025%FS.

Temperature scope:0℃ to 400℃

Test gas:CH4, N2, H2, CO2, CO, Ar, Kr and so on; 

Control system:The valves adopted are highly safe and high-pressure resistant fully-imported 316 stainless steel high pressure pneumatic valve, which can realize automatic switch on and off within the pressure range of 200Bar; there is no gas leakage in them and they have a service life of more than 0.5 billion times. 

Pre-treatment :it is equipped with “common heating vacuumizing molecular dispersal pattern” and “molecular substitution mode” two optional functions. 

Desorption system:It is equipped with common-pressure automatic desorption system, which can measure the gas desorption volume and desorption velocity in the test coal samples. All the desorbed gases will be 100% collected.

The maximum collection volume for initial 3 to 10seconds free gas will be no less than 18.5L with precision of 0.006L;

The maximum collection volume of desorbed gases in middle period will be no less than 7L with precision of 0.002L;

The maximum collection volume of desorbed gases in last period will be no less than 2.7L with precision of 0.001L;


Technical Features and Advantages 

Safety Method 

High safety, it will adopt full pneumatic valve, without solenoid valve, high performance anti-explosion level; interior and exterior of the instruments are equipped with 2 high sensitivity inflammable gas detecting alarms, the detection limitation is higher than 3%LEL.

Pollution prevention 

Beishide originally developed non-obstructive-type environmental control system with principle of vortex dust falling, combining with the flying-prevention procedure; it can eliminate any elutriation and boiling henomenon of samples that are volatile in highly vacuum conditions, so as to avoid polluting the valve pipelines that cause the decrease of systematic tightness.

Air Bath 

The entire interior of the instrument is keeping constant temperature, sample cell, branch, valves and gas sources are all under the same air bath environment, which can avoid troubles in using water bath; it can eliminate the errors caused for sample cell, branch and valves are in different environments for the sake of water batch. 

Air bath temperature: ambient temperature ~60;

Notes: other test temperature shall take advantage of water bath or heating furnace.      


Analytical bit is equipped with protection door, which can put the risks of damage to the laboratory operators resulting from high temperature into an end; more importantly, it can eliminate the influence of ambient air flow changes to the test efficiently, so as to improve the test precision and stability significantly. 


Applied Fields 

1. High temperature and high pressure gas adsorption research, supercritical gas properties study, micro pore material adsorption research, hydrogen storage materials property research, coalbed methane research and oil exploration and so on;

2. Its typical applications include catalyst, molecular sieve, activated carbon, carbon nano tube and all kinds of hydrogen storage materials. 

3. Understanding the adsorption properties of materials is essential to the research and development of fuel cell, cell flue gas scrubbing tower and hydrocarbon. 


3H-2000PHD Full-Auto High Pressure Analyzer

Company Profile

Beishide Instrument Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd is the earliest manufacturing enterprise in China that is engaged in R & D, production and selling of physical adsorption instruments, and a high-tech enterprise certified by Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park.
Our company owns more than 20 patented technologies used to improve the precision and stability of our instruments, and it makes us the enterprise with the most patented technologies in the industry in domestic market. Its top technological team has provided powerful research and innovation abilities for our enterprise.
In 2012, our company was standing out from hundreds of thousands of enterprises and rated as a small and medium-sized technology-based enterprise technology innovation fund supporting enterprise by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission and National Ministry of Science and Technology, and we are the only one enterprise in China that has been supported by the two fund supports simultaneously.
We boast nearly one thousand of successful client cases, including numerous institutions of higher learning, scientific research institution and renowned enterprises. Our sales volume of instruments are far ahead for many years.
In 2009, we were authorized as ISO 9001 approved production enterprise, with complete selling, training, service system, as well as efficient and professional teams to guarantee providing excellent equipment and first-class services for clients all the time.
Professional and complete after-sale service system can provide 24 hours of telephone counseling, 49 hours of door-to-door service, we have set up service center in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, so as to make every effort to provide most excellent services for users conveniently and rapidly.
Beishide Instrument Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd


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