• 3H-2000PS1surface area porosity analyzer

3H-2000PS1surface area porosity analyzer

high accuracy and good reproducibility. Repeatability error of less than ± 2%;

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The main technical qualification:



Test method: static volumetric method



·BET specific surface area measurement

· Langmuir specific surface area measurement

·Isothermal adsorption and desorption curve measurement

·Determination of BJH pore size distribution using adsorption curve

·Determination of Brunauer pore size distribution using desorption curve

·Determination of Dubinin- Astakhov pore size distribution using desorption curve


Accuracy: high accuracy and good reproducibility. Repeatability error of less than ± 2%;

test range: surface area minimum 0.01m2 / g , pore size distribution 0.35-500nm;


sample types: powder, granule, fiber and sheet materials, like this can be put into the sample tube material.


P0 tests: independent saturation vapor pressure (P0) test station, to ensure high accuracy of the partial pressure of the test;


Sample preparation: the number of stations2; degassing stations have independent temperature control and definite timing function, test and preparation stations are separated and running independently;



Sample pretreatment modes: "normal heating vacuum molecular diffusion model" and "molecular replacement mode" two optional function; molecular replacement model can save more than half of the pretreatment time;


Test Efficiency: Intelligent air input control, small adsorption sample 2-3min / 1 sub-pressure point, the large adsorption samples 3-5min / 1 sub-pressure point; BET multi-point method 15-30min / 1samples; BET single-point 6-10min / 1 samples; standard pore size test 60-120min / 1 samples;micropore test 120-300min / 1 samples;


Stress testing: Stress testing range 0-1.6bar (0-160KPa), accuracy error  0.15%;



Liquid level control: liquid nitrogen level control system, eliminating change of the dead volume intesting process due to evaporation of liquid nitrogen to make liquid nitrogen level changes , improve test accuracy;


Graphical windowfriendly control and monitoring system window can show the instrument workingdetails, the various valves, pumps, nitrogen glass elevators, operating temperature and all other hardware can be control by our system;


Intelligent self-test system: hardware self-test and gas tightness self-test, can automatically detectair leak and fix position, gives text and voice prompts.


Voice prompt: unique intelligent voice prompts;




Control system:



1. Stable control system: can save real time data and information,  if communication is lost, unexpected power outages and other unforeseen circumstances, the system can restore the test data ensure you can continue  test;



2. have smart and safe dewar flask lift control system, when power offer equipment  reboot, the system can prevent liquid nitrogen dewar flask descend unexpectedly;



3. vacuum pump control system can reduce noise and prolong pump life;


 4. have detailed operation recording, automatic record each experiment of    actions and processesper second, easy to check and failure feedback;


Data processing:

1. Isotherm analysis with a standard mode, fine mode and custom mode selectable; adsorption can be tested, adsorption-desorption test, and direct access to desorption tests; a variety of optional test theory; each test theories  can be freely selected;


2. Powerful data management and processing systems: all the raw data and test results are saved to a SQL database, support date, operator, sample names and other searching and filtering,data canexport as Excel ;






1. 40L high purity nitrogen, purity  99.999%, average service life: 2-3 years;


2. Bei Shi De vacuum,, 5-year warranty, ultimate vacuum: 4 * 10-2Pa;


3. valve, pressure sensor are all high quality;

3H-2000PS1surface area porosity analyzer

Company Profile

Beishide Instrument Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd is the earliest manufacturing enterprise in China that is engaged in R & D, production and selling of physical adsorption instruments, and a high-tech enterprise certified by Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park.
Our company owns more than 20 patented technologies used to improve the precision and stability of our instruments, and it makes us the enterprise with the most patented technologies in the industry in domestic market. Its top technological team has provided powerful research and innovation abilities for our enterprise.
In 2012, our company was standing out from hundreds of thousands of enterprises and rated as a small and medium-sized technology-based enterprise technology innovation fund supporting enterprise by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission and National Ministry of Science and Technology, and we are the only one enterprise in China that has been supported by the two fund supports simultaneously.
We boast nearly one thousand of successful client cases, including numerous institutions of higher learning, scientific research institution and renowned enterprises. Our sales volume of instruments are far ahead for many years.
In 2009, we were authorized as ISO 9001 approved production enterprise, with complete selling, training, service system, as well as efficient and professional teams to guarantee providing excellent equipment and first-class services for clients all the time.
Professional and complete after-sale service system can provide 24 hours of telephone counseling, 49 hours of door-to-door service, we have set up service center in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, so as to make every effort to provide most excellent services for users conveniently and rapidly.
Beishide Instrument Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd


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