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HCSSPZ7-1800/35 Metal melting furnace rectifier transformer

The iron core,adopting GEORG production facilities of Germany,is made of high quality oriented electrical steel, 45 obliquely jointed without punching and bond with non-parallel glass tape.

Green environmental protection electric arc furnace transformer

Certification: CCC,CQC; Customized made: yes; Type: Oil Immersed; Application: Mining lighting power usage;

Factory price CQC Certification Electric furnace special transformer

Place of Origin: China (Mainland); Brand Name: ZTB; Model Number: Electric furnace transformer; Usage: Power;

HKSSP-16000/35 Series Core-type Electric Arc Furnace Transformer

Wide range of voltage-regulate. Secondary voltage of differential voltage levels meets the arc furnace steel-making process requirements. Model NO.: HKSSP-16000/35; Phase: Three; Cooling Method: Oil-immersed Type Transformer.

HJSSP-2400/10 Series Core-type Oil Immersed Furnace Transformer

Furnace transformer is the power transformer for industrial furnace smelting use, it is special transformer designed on the basis of various electric furnace's work characteristics and operation modes.

Three-Phase Electric Saving-Energy Special Furnace Transformer

Three-Phase Electric Saving-Energy Special Furnace Transformer mainly used as the power supply in metallurgical, chemical, machinery industries. Shape of Core: Ring; Trademark: GSE; HS Code: 8504901100.

FT-OLTC 50Hz IEC Standard Low Noise Outdoor Furnace Transformer

To ensure the safe and steady operation of the transformer under continuous rated voltage, our Electric Power Research Institute conducted a lot of research to develop a more reasonable insulation structure. Model NO.: FT-OLTC Environment: Outdoor Insulation Oil: High Quality Grade Mineral Oil

10kV 35kV 50Hz/60Hz oil-immersed electrical power transformer

The coils are wound with high purity oxygen-free copper wire, utilizing quality insulators between turns, which make the coils to resist sudden short-circuit effectively. Model Number: HSSP Usage: Electronic Phase: Three

9000kva three phase 34.5kv Two windings furnace transformer

Manufacturing or refining many other materials etc. ferrochromium, ferromanganese, different abrasive materials (oxides and nitrides), semiconducting base materials, nanopowders etc. Usage: Power Phase: Three Coil Structure: Toroidal

HSSPZ-120000/35KV 120MVA Electric Arc Furnace Transformer

The transformer specializes in power supply for various industrial electric furnaces. Successful installation, testing, commissioning and start up the 125mva 35kv EAF transformer on 2008.

HSSPZ-125000/35 125MVA 35kv Electric arc furnace transformer

Electric furnace transformers are transformers which supply power to the electric furnaces. It can drop high voltage to the working voltage the electric furnaces need.

D-single phase,S-three phase electric arc furnace tracsformer

An electric furnace transformer is used to supply power to an electric furnace, which lowers the high voltage to the furnace-required lower voltage. Its type varies with the type of electric furnace, so the transformer has many types.

160-4200 KVA Electro-slag oil immersed Furnace Transformer

The electro-slag furnace is used to refining steel materials made by ordinary metallurgy method. Usage: Electronic Phase: single / three phase Coil Structure: Toroidal

Three Phase 2000-44000 KVA Ladle Refining Furnace Transformer

Ladle refining furnace transformer is in the category of electric furnace transformer. Usage: furnace Phase: Three Coil Structure: Toroidal

Single/three Phase 10-35KV Submerged Arc Furnace Transformer

It is used to restore materials such as smelting mineral, carbonaceous reducing agent etc. Usage: Electronic Phase: single/three Coil Structure: Toroidal

Three phase 260-45000 KVA oil immersed Electric Arc Furnace Transformer

It is a special transformer designed specially for steelmaking using electric arc furnace which has special requirement for power source. Usage: smelt high quality steel, alloy steel Phase: Three Coil Structure: Toroidal

6KV/110KV copper winding electric arc furnace transformer

Features of 10kV-110kV Furnace Transformer: 1)High efficient and environment protective, 2)low noise; 3)low partial discharge; 4)low loss

10kv-35kv Three Phase Electric Arc furnace transformer

Furnace Transformer is a power equipment which is suppo- rting for EAF. 1.high efficient and environment protective. 2.low noise. 3.low partial discharge.

electric furnace transformers

An electric furnace transformer is used to supply power to an electric furnace, which lowers the high voltage to the furnace-required lower voltage.