• water pretreatment equipment (sand filter carbon filter softener)

water pretreatment equipment (sand filter carbon filter softener)

water pretreatment equipment (sand filter carbon filter softener) E-mail: naijiaxin11@yeah.net

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Place of Origin: : Shanxi, China (Mainland)
Model Number: : RFY-8000L/H
Packaging Details: : wooden
Delivery Detail: : 15 days




Full automatic purify, soften, adjust water 
1.stainless steel 304 
2.quartz sand filter 
3.active carbon filter 
4. softener 


                                                      Parameter index


Standard water pretrement filter unit  



Tank material

Sus304 stainless steel

Quartz sand fiter

Outer size: 650*2150mm

Sus304 stainless steel

manual valve control

Active carbon fiter

Outer size: 650*2150mm

Sus304 stainless steel

manual valve control


Outer size: 650*2150mm

Sus304 stainless steel

manual valve control

Salt water tank

Capacity:200L       material: PE

Origial water pump


Pipe fitting,valve

Material:sus304 stainless steel ,

Outer size





        The main targets of pretreatment are suspension, mechanical waste such as viscose debris particles, colloidal silica, microorganisms, active chlorine, and organic substance, which have an adverse impact on the follow-up treatment. The result of pretreatment directly affects technical and economic effect and long-term safe operation of electricity dialysis, reverse osmosis, ion exchange and so on. It is an important stage in water treatment.

Product introduce:

1.original tank(depending on the circumstances to select)

Overcome the instability of the water supply pipe network. Ensure that the entire system of water supply stable and continuous. It can be providing a guarantee to the reliable performance of the device long-term also. Control (depending on the circumstances to select). Preparations high float valve. Control switch when the water level is not in high, with raw water solenoid valve open condition, when the water level in the high-water, solenoid valve is closed, when the water level in the low water level, the raw water pump stop working, protection of the original water pump.

2.raw water pump

Provide the necessary pressure to all pretreatment equipment. According to pretreatment equipment design pressure drop. Maximum pressure on each piece of equipment can not be less than 0.5MPa.determine the original water pump working pressure.

3.Quartz sand filter

Containing very fine particles of dust, humus, starch, cellulose and bacteria, algae and other microorganisms, these impurity particles with water to form the body of the sol state, showing the sedimentation stability and aggregate stability, due to Brownian motion and electrostatic repulsion usually can not use the gravity of natural sedimentation to remove. There by reducing the turbidity of the water. The quartz sand is made from natural quartz by crushing, washing, drying, and second filter, no impurities, no angle, density, high mechanical strength contained sewage capacity line to use the long cycle. It is a good material for chemical water treatment.

4.activated carbon filter

Reverse osmosis water in addition to the requirements of SD1<5. but also have another water indicators of residual chlorine<0.1mg/L. The activated carbon filter has two functions:

1. Adsorption of part of the organic matter, absorption rate of about 60%.

2. Adsorption of residual chlorine in the water. Inorganic colloidal partied size of about 10-20 angstroms. Organic colloidal and dissolved organic polymer impurities in the media filter is difficult to remove.

5.Lon exchanger

Sodium ion exchange ion exchange resin of Na+ to replace the water of Ca2+,Mg2+ to the water hardness <0.035 milligram/L. the raw water hardness decreased become soft water. Sodium ion exchanger made by ion exchange tanks adapter. Central tube, water inlet and outlet, it needs to purchase a plastic pump and inner diameter ofφ32 clear plastic tubes for some when use it ,732 Lon exchange resin 75-150 kg for supporting the use of switches, before use by adding 732 ion exchange resin cylinder adapter for threaded connection, it can be add material and disassembly. Pipe device for the input source, brine, output soft water, and diarrhea put wastewater installations

.pipeline is equipped with cutoff valves, for controlling the flow of water. It can provide output value of soft water to users.





Company Profile

 Our company was established in 1998 and is located in the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Ecnomic Park and Stainless Steel Insustry Park and Energy and Heavy Chemical Industry Base, Tai yuan, China. We are engaged in machine studying ,investing and manufacturing over agricultural product processing ,food package,pharmaceutical and biochemical project equipment, dairy drinks and water treatment machine.Ruifei has won the honor of honestly complying with contract , a provincial outstanding high-tech enterprise ,activly promoting national key techonlogy ,an excellent high-tech product- exporting enterprise and a model of promoting national pollution-cut techonlogy . 
With internationalized-standard producing environment,anvanced proceesing ,maufacturing and detection equipment, a good enterprise management system and an united and innovative spirit expert team,it successfully passed ISO9000 certification,HACCCCP certification,and has won several awards for science and technology. . 
Rely on its own science and technology innovation spirit,humanized service concept and regional advantages of abundant material, It provides domestic and foreign customers with a range of industrial equpiments and technical service and wins good feedback from them . 
Ruifei alaways adheres to the principles of people-oriented,customer first and double-win situation .It is willing to work with you to create a better life.
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