• water bucket filling machine / barreled filling machine

water bucket filling machine / barreled filling machine

high-profile new bucket filling machine

Product Details

Quick Details Parameter

Type : Filling Machine
Condition : New
Application : Beverage
Chemical : Food
Packaging Type : Barrel
Bottles : Automatic Grade
Automatic : Driven Type
Electric : Voltage
380/220V 3 phase : Power
3Kw : Dimension(L*W*H)
2000*950*1850 : Weight


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Technical parameter: 
      Model: MEC-DZ-20-6 
     Filling heads: 6 
     Size: 2000 * 950 * 1850 (mm) (2650 * 950 * 1850mm 16 head) 
     Power: 3KW 
     Capacity: 500 barrels / hour (25 liters), 
     Weight: about 850KG 
     Adapt to bottle: high> 10CM diameter ≤ 50CM bottle diameter ≥ 14mm 
bottle water filling machine

     A, straight out of bottles for the bottle shaped, can still achieve very good automatic filling. Changing bottle does not need replacement parts, simply adjust to. 
      B, reliably measuring cups and computer tune the amount of the combination of both to ensure the tradition of measuring the reliability of the measuring cup, then filling volume to achieve a computer quick and easy adjustment.
      C, accurately locate the bottle and filling head with a soft landing and a single perfect combination of head control system.  As long as 1-2 mm of space, can be achieved will not hit the bottle when filling.  In addition, taking into account the error in domestic glass, this product specifically designed the first soft landing and a single bounce control system, if the non-standard bottle, filling bottle hit his head when the pressure of the machine just a touch pass sense of the system is activated, the filling head to stop filling, while playing back non-filling state, this time, does not prevent the other normal filling head work. 
    D, sneaked into the elevated, surface on the filling. This is designed specifically for soy sauce, vinegar, wine and other low-concentration, liquid foam easily design. Filling head into the bottom of the bottle before filling the filling valve began to start filling the same time, enhance the side of the filling head slowly side to enhance the filling, basically put a foaming phenomenon. 
     E, mechanical and vacuum drip drip combination.  After filling the wine sauce and other products is not allowed if there is leaking, and would hinder the packing of the next process.  In addition to this machine a reliable anti-drip machine, but taking into account the possible near the mouth filling and accumulation of residual liquid may be a long time there will be leaking. Specially designed vacuum anti-drip device. After filling is completed, vacuum pump turned on, on the one hand to take away the very few bubbles near the mouth of the bottle, on the other issues in the end the anti-drip. Eliminate the problem of the filling sector - leaking. 
     F, and reliable control system.  High-end Siemens or Mitsubishi PLC and touch screen.  Control accuracy of life greatly improved.  Even the solenoid valve or relay other small parts, but also all of Japan SMC, AirTAC, West Germany and other world famous brand, the number of ensuring reliable operation of more than 1000 million. 
    G, material on the high standards. . Contact with the liquid part is SS316L food grade stainless steel, fully meet the GMP standard business. 
    H, between the filling and closure of the working process visible, allowing visitors to watch. 
     I, the traditional linear filling system, other advantages of inheritance. 



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We are located in Kyushu, one of the ancient inland peninsula Huadu Qingzhou. Is a leading liquid packaging systems and drinking water engineering solutions provider, is set product development and design, equipment production and sales, engineering support and installation, technical consultation and services as one of the environmentally friendly high-tech professions manufacturers. 
   Market competition, competition for resources has experienced, quality competition and price competition, it is now the world economy has entered a value-oriented customer service-based economy era. Service competitiveness in national, regional, industry, enterprises decide the outcome of the key. In all aspects of business operations strictly follow the ISO9001 quality standard system, to provide users with a range of high quality products and comprehensive and timely service.
  Accumulated through years of customer and market research, Dongyi machinery to their own production, the study defined as: fully consider the actual needs of customers, and truly tailored to customers the appropriate packaging equipment. The company has brought together a large number of long-term study in liquid packaging technology, and automation, software development, engineering applications of senior professionals that can really provide for our clients and colleagues more segments, more professional comprehensive services. 


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