• high quality drilling equipment API integral heavy weight drill pipe
  • high quality drilling equipment API integral heavy weight drill pipe

high quality drilling equipment API integral heavy weight drill pipe

1. API integral heavy weight drill pipe
2. forged 4145H material
3. high quality with good service
4. rich experience

Product Details

Quick Details Parameter

Place of Origin : Liaoning, China
Machine Type : Drilling Tool
Certification : API
Use : Well Drilling
Package : Steel strapping
Product : heavy weight drill pipe


 Heavy weight drill pipe is the transition drilling string section between common drill pipe and drill collar, it can effectively alleviate the stress concentration of the transition section in the combination of the drill pipe and the drill collar, provide drilling pressure and also can effectively reduce the connection area between the drill string and the wall of the well and decrease the outside diameter wear rate. The central part of the heavy weight drill pipe is thickened, and the surface of the joint and the thickening part is welded with cemented carbide to form hard band, so that wear and tear of the drill pipe can be effectively protected. AISI 4145H structural alloy steel is selected as the material for heavy weight drill pipe.
规格 Size 管体外径
Tube OD
+1.6mm -0.8mm
Tube ID
Tool Joint OD
Tool Joint ID
Max Elevator
Upset Dia
Center Upset Dia
88.9 88.9 57.2 120.7 123.8 127 57.2 NC38 98.4 101.6
52.4 52.4
101.6 101.6 63.5 133.4 63.5 NC40 106.4 114.3
65.1 65.1
114.3 114.3 68.3 158.8 68.3 NC46 119.1 127
69.9 69.9
71.4 71.4
127 127 76.2 168.3 76.2 NC50 130.2 139.7
139.7 139.7 82.6 177.8 184.2 190.5 82.6 5 1/2FH 144.5 152.4
85.7 85.7
98.4 98.4
101.6 101.6
168.3 168.3 101.6 203.2 209.6 215.9 101.6 6 5/8FH 176.2 181.0
114.3 114.3
127 127


规格 Size 管体 Tube 接头 Tool Joint
内径 ID 吊卡加厚
Elevater Upset
吊卡/卡瓦 外径OD 螺旋处外径
Spiral OD
Spiral Depth
外径 OD 内径 IDIN
mm(in) mm mm mm mm mm mm mm3 1/2
88.9(3 1/2) 54 92.1 88.9 101.6 9.5 NC38 120.6 57.2
101.6(4) 65.1 104.8 101.6 114.3 9.5 NC40 133.4 65.1
114.3(4 1/2) 69.8 117.5 114.3 127 12.7 NC46 158.8 71.4
127.0(5) 76.2 130.2 127 139.7 12.7 NC50 165.1 76.2

Company Profile

 Pipe & Drilling Tools Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a petroleum drilling tools manufacturing company with the capacity of drilling tools designing, manufacturing,repairing and inspecting.

      PDM produces all kinds of drilling tools, such as drill pipes, tool joints, upsetting drill pipes, slick drill collars, spiral drill collars, integral heavy weight drill pipes, square or hexagon kellies, non-magnetic drilling tools, lifting subs, etc. At the same time it owns appropriative tubular internal plastic coating production line. PDM can manufacture products covered in API Spec 5DP, API Spec 7-1, RP7G, DS-1 or NS-1, and also other special drilling tools designed or required by customers.

      With the complete production line, PDM is one of the few integrative manufacturing companies which can arrange the processes of tool joints, drill pipe upsetting, heat treating, inertial friction welding, hardbanding and inner plastic coating.

      PDM has a complete R&D system and a reliable system of quality assurance. It gained API Spec Q1 and ISO9001 qualifications, and authority to use the API monograms of Spec 7-1 and Spec 5DP. The company’s products have passed the inspection of the China National Quality Supervision, Testing and Inspection Center of Oil Tubular Goods. The products are widely used in many Chinese oil fields and more than 20 countries, such as Iran, America, and France, etc.

      With the core management commitments of ‘respectful, honest, innovational, customer focus’, PDM is heartily willing to communicate and cooperate with all circles from domestic and oversea engaged in manufacturing and researching of oil drilling tools.


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