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  • double sided butyl tape
  • double sided butyl tape
  • double sided butyl tape
  • double sided butyl tape
  • double sided butyl tape

double sided butyl tape

Double sided butyl tape with excellent sealing and shock absorption properties is widely used in underground facilities waterproof, tunnel, etc.

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 is mainly made of butyl rubber and poly isobutene blending. In accordance with special production formula, using the latest patented technology, through special process that produce environmental friendly type double sided butyl adhesive tape. It has strong adhesion to various surfaces. What's more, it also has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance and good water resistance. To the pasted surface, it features seal, shock absorption, protection, etc. In addition, double sided sealing butyl tape does not contain any solvents, it is not shrink, not emit toxic gases. And convenient construction makes it become a rare waterproof sealing material in the construction. Widely used in foundation engineering roof waterproof, underground facilities waterproof, tunnel, water supply and drainage works and so on.

Product name: double sided butyl tape.
Material: butyl rubber and poly isobutene blending.
Color: black.
Width: 1 cm - 10 cm.
Thickness: 1 mm - 1 cm.
Service life: more than 20 years.

UV resistance property.
Convenient construction.
Long service life can up to 20 years.
Sound insulation, shock absorption
Through rigorous testing of the EU ROHS.
Without any solvents, safety and environmental friendly.
Chemical properties: no solvent, no shrinkage, no poison.
Waterproof, good anti oil effect, acid and alkali resistance.
Easy to use, accurate dosage, reduce waste, cost-effective.
Can be customized according to the customer's requirements.
Strong adhesion: both sides of the adhesive tape have strong adhesion force.
Excellent adhesion property to all the base materials and auxiliary materials in the OEM market.
It can maintain permanent flexibility, adhesion, and can withstand a certain degree of displacement, deformation has a good follow nature.
High temperature resistance: the highest resistance to temperature can be 90°C, so it is also called high temperature resistant sealing adhesive tape.
Double sided butyl tape has a wide range of applications, and the following is part of its applications.

Adhesion of greenhouses.
Sealing treatment of through-wall cave.
Bonding seal for use in kitchen flue seam.
Cement, wood, PC, PE, PVC, EPDM, CPE materials' adhesion.
Waterproof sealing in wind power industry and shipbuilding industry.
Use for cable connectors, it is also called the cable insulation sealing tape.
Sealing and anti shock in automobile air conditioner, refrigerator and freezer.
Bonding and sealing treatment of air duct flange port in central air conditioner.
Air tight and waterproof treatment for ventilating duct, door and window of civil residence.
Seal at the joint of the treatment tank, the sedimentation tank, water supply and drainage pipeline.
Sealing and waterproofing treatment of subway tunnel construction joint in municipal engineering.
Double sided butyl adhesive tape used on glass and window edge, protect the glass from damage by external forces.
Waterproof treatment of roof waterproof, underground waterproof and construction structure joint of new project.
Metal plate, cement roof leakage treatment, light steel structure roof plate, the mutual overlap between the lighting board.
Waterproof and sealing treatment of interface, head part, special shaped parts and special material bonded in waterproof engineering.
For automobile manufacturing industry: Damping adhesive sealing of car door waterproof membrane, body and frame, floor and so on.

Before adhesion, oil, dirt and other impurities on the colored steel plate surface must be completely cleaned out, and maintain the adhesion surface clean.
Double sided butyl sealing waterproof tape should not be exposed to use.
Double sided butyl sealing tape can be packaged with carton box.

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Our company has over 10 years of experience in the production of butyl adhesive tape. We have modern production, testing equipment and professional engineering technical staff to provide you with the most appropriate technology, the most suitable products and the most intimate service! What's more, our company has provided satisfactory service for hundreds of construction projects and engineering units, our attentive service has won the trust of many customers and praise, therefore we gradually establish the company's good brand in the users. 
In addition, our company has been adhering to the history of enterprise culture, advanced management concept and management pattern, has excellent soft and hardware resources. Most important, we commit to provide first-class products and service for customers, improve customer core value. We are sincerely willing to cooperate with friends from at home and abroad, create the first brand of sealing tape industry together!



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