• cmcn Frp Tank For Water Filter Treatment

cmcn Frp Tank For Water Filter Treatment

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Place of Origin : Liaoning, China (Mainland)
Brand Name : CMCN
Model Number : WZG-001
Material : FRP
Certification : ISO9001:2008 ROHS
Condition : New frp tank


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* Cylindrical vertical type *


a. integrally molded tank 0.5m3 ~ 120m3

   (Transport up to maximum diameter 3.8m)
b. Manufacturing method is hand lay-up molding strength distinguished!
c. 4.0 m or more in diameter or less can do 200m3.


Storage tank, reaction tank, dilution tank, stirred tank, methane fermentation tank, mixing tank, acid, alkali, salts, waste water, hot water, semiconductor pure water tank, miso, soy sauce, food





* Cylindrical horizontal type *


a.  Liquid full capacity discharge
b.  Applicable to buried underground tank
c.  Because the setting is low so easy to check


Storage tank, reaction tank, dilution tank, mixing tank, tank cleaning, acid, alkali, salts, pure water, waste water, hot water




* Square frp tank *


a.  Large capacity
b.  Steel as reinforcement material, more rugged
c.  Tank size can be freely selected
d.  Internal partitions do
e.  Cylindrical, square such as is designed freely.


Storage tank, mixing tank, reaction tank, fermentation tank, live fish car, acid, alkali, salts, foods, sewage, drainage



* Hypochlorite for frp tank *


a. It is most suitable for the chemical strength strong oxidizing chemicals,     sodium hypochlorite, ozone, hydrogen dioxide, the oxidizing.
b.  Steel as reinforcement material, more rugged
c.  Tank size can be freely selected
d.  Internal partitions do


Storage tank, mixing tank, reaction tank, fermentation tank, acid, alkali, salts, sewage, waste water, bleach tank, disinfection tank



*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*FRP tank specifications*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*


FRP tank:


1.Good corrosion resistance

2.High mechanical strength at low specific gravity

3.Good resistance to weathering

4.Light weight

5.Good insulating qualities

6.Provide less maintenance & repairs down time

7.Easy installation



1.Acid & chemical storage tanks

2.Transport vessels

3.Acid pickling tanks

4.Vacuum & pressure tanks

5.Water treatment tanks

6.Chemical & food processing tanks

7.Reaction vessels

8.Under ground petrol storage tanks

9.Scrubber re-circulating tank


We are offering the capacity of the tanks up to 200 KL and size ranging

 from 2 feet to 20 feet in diameter and up to 40 feet in length.Besides the

products manufactured to our standard design parameters, patterns and

sizes, we can meet all custom built requirements as per the special

constructions and shapes with the customer's choice of dimensions to

suit their availability of the space. Anti-corrosive lining of PP/PVC/FRP/FRB/FRVE/ECTFE in metal tanks are also provided as per

the requirements. Spargers can be provided as per the specific application.



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Company Profile

With the technological cooperation with Japan, the factory has been founded for the professional producing of FRP.
The main products are Desulfurize sprinkle system of power plant, cooling tower, antisepticising tank, large-scale wind power electrical machine cover, blower, deodorizer tower, and many kinds of structural profiles and pultruded materials. We are especially good at the related FRP designing as well as the mold and other special products manufacturing.


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