• ZBL-U5700 Multichannel Ultrasonic Pile Integrity Tester

ZBL-U5700 Multichannel Ultrasonic Pile Integrity Tester

ZBL-U5 series Multichannel Ultrasonic Pile Integrity Tester is the perfect device for cross-hole acoustic wave transmission method.

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    ZBL-U5 series Multichannel Ultrasonic Pile Integrity Tester is the perfect device for cross-hole acoustic wave transmission method. This instrument is specifically designed for testing the pile foundation integrity by using acoustic a wave transmission method, and contains the unique multi-channel self-emission/self-receiving function. It also enables the concrete pile all-profile test with only one lift (3 or 4 acoustic testing pipes embedded), which makes the detection process more efficient and simpler.


    Testing 3 or 6 profiles per lift, the lifting speed > 60  meters per min(5 points per meter);
    Gains and delays are adjustable for any channel at any time, ensures the data accuracy and reliability;
    Display all 6 profile information on one screen, thus making the quality of the entire rebar pile clear;
    The expert real-time online help function makes operation simple;
    4 Radical transducer part for colors,makes simple operation convenient and efficient;
    During testing,can adjust testpoint internal at any time,do“encryption”test point at important key parts;
    Can switch viewing bar graph、wave train graph、Depth curve,and  record user’s use habits;
    Horizontal testing, inclined testing, retest, and finer increment testing multi modes, allow for the accurate identification of pile shaft defects;
    Built-in mass SSD (solid state disk) and mass lithium battery are perfect for field work;
    Data transfer trough U disk, Fast and convenient.
Model ZBL-U5600 ZBL-U5700
Host channels 3 4
Number of tested profiles per time 3 6
Control mode Built in A8 industrial control board
Screen 10.4 inches high definition LCD screen
Operating method Touch screen 
Storage method built-in electronic hard disk (≥4GB) + U disk capacity
Acquisition mode Synchronous continuous mining
Sampling interval 0.05μs~1638.4μs adjustable
Acoustic transit time accuracy 0.05μs
Record length 512~4096
Acoustic transit time range ±1677.7ms
Emission voltage(V) 65、250、500、1000 V adjustable
Amplifier gain 82dB
Dynamic range 154 dB
Amplifier gain accuracy 0.5dB
Band width (12dB) 2~500kHz
Receiver sensitivity ≤10μV
Channels interference ≤1/400
Transmission port USB、MiniUsb、WiFi、Bluetooth
Measuring method Horizontal test, inclined test, retest, finer increment test
Power Built-in lithium battery
Outside 220V AC/DC
Work time(h) > 8
Work envirment Temperature -10℃~+40℃
Humidity < 90%RH
Size 270mm×220mm×75mm
Weight 2.5kg
Lifting device connection mode wirless
Wirless lifting device Maximum transmission distance ≥5m
Resolution 1cm
Work time(h) ≥20
Power Built-in lithium battery
Record interval 2cm~25cm adjustable
Lifting speed > 60m/min(5 test points per meter)
ZBL-U5700 Multichannel Ultrasonic Pile Integrity Tester

Company Profile

Beijing ZBL Science and Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2002, is primarily engaged in the R&D, production and sale of Intelligent nondestructive testing instrumentation and equipment. ZBL is a national high-tech enterprise, identified as a key strategic enterprise under the Beijing City "Gazelle plan", and are also members of the professional committee of nondestructive testing. Our company has independently developed a series of advanced equipment including Rebar scanners, Ultrasonic Detectors, Rebar Rust Detectors, Foundation Pile Dynamic Detectors and Crack Detectors etc. In total more than ten classes and over thirty different categories of products have been crafted by ZBL, while over forty relevant intellectual property rights have been granted. We have participated in the compilation of 4 national level and 5 provincial level engineering quality standards. Our products are exported to worldwide clients in such countries as Japan, India, Italy, and Nepal. ZBL employees will continue to forge ahead, innovate and persist relentlessly towards our vision of "being the leading enterprise of the nondestructive testing field".
Beijing ZBL Science And Technology Co., Ltd.


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