• Xin Tian XT-G Series High-speed Printing Slotting Die-cutter

Xin Tian XT-G Series High-speed Printing Slotting Die-cutter

International famous brand electric parts and computer software was used in the whole machine ,top-quality and steady; Computer order storage and adjustment, faster order update and convenient operation.( It can storage the 999 order in the computer).

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●Complete machine baffle and important parts used the temper for decrease the metal internal force ; and that parts was made by high precision process center and grinded by digit-controlled grinder.
●All the transmission axle and roller are made by the high-quality steel, temper, and dynamic balance; plated with rigid chrome and grinded surface.
●All the transmission gear was used the 20CrMnTi alloy steel, which is grinded alter heat-treatment, rigidity HRC58-62 , and it was made by rubbing ,6 grade precision , it still maintains the high topping precision.
●The transmission place (connected with the axle and gear), which adopts the hand-iree connecting ring to eliminate the interval, suitable for long-term high speed running.
●The important transmission bearing was adopted strengthen model bearing, handy to maintenance, suitable for long-term to used.
●The whole machine undergoes the spray lubrication , intuitionist show setting, setting the double oil pipe balance system
●The whole machine adjustment presetting iunction,ieeding .printing plotting, die cutting, automatic zero setting ,memory automatic reposition.
●The whole machine working interval adjustment was adopted free spanner, which is fast to adjustment, last and convenient to adjustment.
●The mainlrame was control by the frequency conversion, start-up,running more smooth .
●Option ior the vacuum adsorption, kick feeding or lead edge ieeding,and anilox roller,doctor blade and stacker.
●Setting the ink alarm device ,real-time monitoring of the work status of the ink supply system.
●The machine has a limit and over travel display.
●The optional machine gap electric adjustment.
Main Technical parameter:
1200×2000/2400 ( Φ420) 1400 ×2400/2800 ( Φ480)
1 Inboard width size mm 2600 3000 3000 3400
2 Max paper size mm 1270×2200 1270×2600 1470×2600 1470×3000
3 Max printing size mm 1200×2000 1200×2400 1400×2400 1400×2800
4 Skip feeding size mm 1450×2000 1450×2400 1650×2400 1650 ×2800
5 Min finish size mm 320×640 320×640 380×720 380×720
6 Thickness oi printing plate mm 7 2 7 2 7 2 7 2
7 Complete machine baffle thickness mm 70 70 70 70
8 Max speed Pieces/min 220 220 200 200
9 Economic speed Pieces/min 180 180 160 160
10 Topping precision mm . 5 . 5 . 5 . 5
11 Slotting precision mm . 5 . 5 . 5 . 5
12 Max slotting depth mm 300 300 350 350
13 Min slotting interval mm Clockwise: 160 ×160 ×160 ×160
Clockwise: 180 ×180 ×180 ×180
Xin Tian XT-G Series High-speed Printing Slotting Die-cutter

Company Profile

HeBei Xin-Tian Carton Machinery manufacturing co.,ltd is a specialized incorporation that deals with the design and production of carton machinesand is the first one being created in the North carton machinery base in DongGuang.Twenty years since its creation,the incrop oration is in the leading position in research,production and exploitation.

The higher staffs of the incorporation listen carefully and adopt the suggestions and advices from dlients in using the national and international advanced techniques and experiences,and lay stress on the less cost,higher effciency and ecnomical and practical characteristics of products.At present,the incorportion produces various grade products the middle and high speed water-ink printing and slotting machines,to satisfy the needs of different clients.For years,our products sell well and are welcome in China,and a large amount of products have been exported to South-Korea,Russia ,Egypt, India, Brazil ,South Africa , Poland and South-Eastern Asian countries.

The Cardboard Machinery Research Institute has been established as a joint research institution of The Xin-Tian Cardboard Machinery Incorporation and HEBEI Industrial Technology University with the most advanced technology to exploit and produce the intellectual and high efficient modern technical products.

Xin-Tian Carton Machinery manufacturing co.,ltd


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