• WQG-2 Micro Cutting Saw

WQG-2 Micro Cutting Saw

WQG-2 Micro Cutting Saw is using high speed rotary saw blade to cut organic glass, plastic, copper, aluminum, ceramic, glass etc. Cutting angle is 5°,can change among 0-4°.

Product Details

Quick Details Parameter

Cutting thickness : less than 18mm
Voltage : 220V
Motor power : 250W
Running Speed : 3770rpm



WQG-2 Micro Cutting Saw

Brief Introduction

WQG-2 Micro Cutting Saw is using high speed rotary saw blade to cut organic glass, plastic, copper, aluminum, ceramic, glass etc. Cutting angle is 5°,can change among 0-4°.

Main Feature

Used in dry cutting environment. It is widely used to cut all kinds of materials. Small size, light weight, easy to operate.

Technical     Parameter

1. Cutting thickness:less than 18mm
2. Voltage:220V
3. Motor power:250W
4. Running Speed:3770rpm


Size:280 x280 x200mm   Weight:5kg

Standard      Accessories






High speed steel saw blade(Diameter 100m, Thickness 0.3mm)




Running ruler




Optional      Accessories

Ultrathin saw blades of various materials                        

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