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  • Two-station keg washing machine
  • Two-station keg washing machine

Two-station keg washing machine

MEC Brew, as a professional supplier, we design and fabricate various kinds of packing machines, including keg filler, keg washing machine, capping machine and labeling machine etc.  And each of our packing machines is of high quality, good performance and favorable price, which has been exported to many big breweries or beverage factories.
For keg washing machine, we also call it keg washer or keg rinser. Different production capacities with various-head of our keg washing machines are available for us to offer. Our keg washing machine mainly contains the frame, electric control system, pneumatic system, pipework and so on.  

Product Details

Quick Details Parameter

Overall Dimensions: : 1200mm*1350mm*1900mm
Clean water tank volume: : 1.2m3
Net weight: : 175kg
Disinfection tank volume: : 1.2m3
Productive capacity: : 80-100 barrels/hour as per 20L kegs
Equipment Total Power: : 2.5kw
Supply voltage: : 380V 50HZ
Applicable scope of barrels: : Plastic bucket
stainless steel beer kegs : Compressed air pressure:
0.6~0.8Mpa : CO2 pressure:
0.4~0.6Mpa : Pneumatic valve working pressure:
0.4~0.5Mpa : Pressure of CO2 filling valve:
0.15~0.2Mpa : Pressure of compressed air blowing valve:
0.2~0.3Mpa : Filling mode:




Now, I state more details of our keg washing machines for your checking the details.

1. Main Structures and Characteristics of keg washing machine
    - All working procedures of keg washing machine are thoroughly controlled by  SIEMENS programmable logic controller. All control parameters (time values) can be adjusted without stopping the machine.

   - Maximum beeline design on main cleaning pipelines for powerful and thorough cleaning effect.

   - Twin-acting pneumatic angle-seat valve with reliable quality and durability of high temperature.

2. Cleaning Flows of keg washing machine
    → Loaded manually, kegs locked by pneumatic plunger mounted on the top bracket  and then automatic procedures begin:
    → First air blowing to drain residue beer with compressed air
    → First rinsing keg (Tap water or hot water)
    → Second air blowing to drain residue water with compressed air
    → Washing inner keg with hot caustic soda
    → Third air blowing to drain residue caustic soda with compressed air
    → Second rinsing the inner keg with hot water
    → Forth air blowing to drain residue water with compressed air
    → Steam sterilization (This function is reserved on the cleaner and optional for usage) 
    → Third rinsing with sterile process water or not (The source of sterilized process water is to be from the brewery)
    → Blowing with CO2 to drain residue
    → Preloading CO2 for counter-pressure filling
    → Pneumatic plungers rising and unlocking kegs
    → Manually unloading kegs
Please Note: In case sterile water is unavailable or unwanted, it could be replaced by tap water.
3. Installation of our keg washing machine
   1)Demand of space
    The space of installation must be with supply of electricity, compressed air, water, steam, CO2 and sound draining condition.
    2)Notice for connecting pipelines:
    (1)Clear away any dust inside the pipelines.
    (2)Lead CO2 (0.2~0.3Mpa) to the inlet (plugging into hose adaptors) with O.D.10mm hoses.
    (3)Lead the compressed air (0.6~0.8Mpa) to the inlet (plugging into hose adaptors) with O.D.10mm hoses.
    (4)Connect the caustic tank’s / water tank’s water inlet with suitable-size hoses and tighten it with hose clamps.
    (5)Connect the caustic tank’s / water tank’s outlet (draining) with suitable-size adaptors (one end of male threads the other end of hose connectors) and hoses, tighten hoses with hose clamps.
    (6)Lead the sterile water to the inlet with the adaptor (one end of female threads the other end of hose connectors) and φ20mm hoses and tighten it by φ18~φ32 hose clamp or adopt hard pipe connection.
    (7)Lead the steam to the inlet with DN20 hard pipes (threaded connecting, S.S.304 or galvanized mild steel pipes).
    (8)Drainage: to be connected with the adaptor (one end of female threads the other end of hose connectors) and φ20mm hoses and tighten it by φ18~φ32 hose clamp or adopt hard pipe connection.
    3)Power supply connection
       380V AC / 50Hz / 3 Phases and reliable grounding is required
4)Pressure adjustment and maintenance of manometers:
    (1)Pull up the knob before turning it. Press down it for confirmation.
    (2)Turn the knob clockwise for driving pressure up, vice versa.
    (3)Do not make the pressure exceeding 9.5Mpa/cm2, and change the filter if the pumping decreased dramatically.
    (4)Infuse JIS K2213 lube (or ISO VG32 lube or other ones with equal parameters) to oil cup regularly. The number “0” means low, and the number “9” means high.
5)Adjustment of cylinder moving speed
   - Cylinder moving speed can be controlled by adjusting throttle valve
   - When adjust throttle valve on the top side, turn the knob clockwise to decrease the up  speed of cylinder, vice versa.
   - When adjust throttle valve on the bottom side, turn the knob clockwise for decrease the down speed of cylinder, vice versa.
   - Screw on the locknut after finishing the adjustment.
6)Observation of the moving speed of cylinder:
    In order to observe the moving speed of cylinder through five-way solenoid valve, please press the red button to make the cylinder down, vice versa.
4. Operation and Maintenance of our keg washing machine
     - For loading tap water to the hot water reservoir, turn on the inlet water ball valve. When the ball cock’s ball contacts pre-set point following water surface rising, water supply will be turned off automatically.
     - Turn on the water inlet valve of caustic reservoir. Shut off the valve when the water level reaches 10~15cm under the top lid surface and prepare for caustic solution.
     - Pump deflation: Never turn on the pump without water inside. Please deflate the pump before the first-time startup. There is a nut on back side of the pump, screw it off for deflating the air and screw it on after deflation.
     - Upend the keg, and then put the keg tap into the cleaning head. 
     - Check the system’s conditions again before starting the machine. Make sure that installation of pipes & power, pressure readout values, and so on are correct.
     - Testing: Turn on power supply. Upend the keg on the cleaning head and push the  “start” button. The cleaner’s cylinder will reset automatically. If the machine works abnormally, push “urgent stop”. After debugging, turn the “urgent stop” button clockwise to restore and start the machine again.
     - Draining residue: switch the “residue draining” button on, in case there is a lot of residue in the keg. The equipment will extend the first air blowing time to drain all residue.
5. Maintenance
     - Disconnect the power, air and water source after the daily work.
     - Prepare for the caustic solutions before working and replace it regularly.
     - Clean the filters regularly.
     - Always remain some lube in the oil cup and drain inside water timely. 
If any of our keg washing machines is of interests to you, please feel free to give us your inquiry. Thanks.
Two-station keg washing machine

Company Profile

MEC BREW, is the leading supplier for craft beer industry. We specialized in supplying turkey micro or insustrial brewing systems, with capacity from 1HL size up to 10,000 ton per year. Our main products include micro or pub breweries, turnkey industrial brewing systems, brewhouse, customize tanks, stainless steel beer kegs,  keg filling machine, keg washing machine and other packing machines so on.
Durable quality, advanced technology and reliable performance is guaranteed with our deep experience of 30 years in building turkey big breweries and proven brewing technology in various big and small breweries around the world. Our main reference are from the United States, Canada, Salvador, Venezuela, South Africa and Iceland etc.


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