• The small size of the quartz crucible, melting the quartz crucible

The small size of the quartz crucible, melting the quartz crucible


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Origin Jinzhou in Liaoning
Silica content of 99.9 (%)
Melting point 1670 (℃)
Mohs hardness 7
Density of 2.2 (g / cm3)

By using arc translucent quartz crucible is control of large diameter monocrystalline silicon, the basis of large scale integrated circuit indispensable materials. Today, the world semiconductor industry developed countries have used the transparent quartz crucible crucible instead of small. He has a high purity, strong temperature tolerance, large size of high precision, good heat preservation and energy saving, stable quality, etc.

Quartz crucible smelting gas, using a special design of the burner, the approach of melted on special equipment, regular size is 12 inch, are scientific research, experiment with the preferred.

There are two kinds of quartz ceramics. One is with crystalline quartz (1600 degrees of production of quartz sand or crystal), another is 1200 degrees with quartz glass shattered after the production of quartz glass ceramics.

Quartz glass ceramics is a new developed a new type of high temperature resistant material. Have poor heat conductivity, small expansion coefficient, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, and low cost advantages. Has been successfully applied to metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, national defense, scientific research departments and so on.

Quartz ceramic crucible is solar battery with the key components of polysilicon ingot furnace, it is used as a container loading of polycrystalline materials must be above 1500 ℃ high temperature continuous work 50 hours, melt the produce to make solar cells, polycrystalline silicon ingot. Due to its use conditions are extremely harsh, for purity, strength, appearance defects of the crucible, reting stability, high temperature performance, internal quality, dimensional accuracy and so on all have very strict requirements.

Quartz glass is silicon dioxide constituent of glass. This glass hardness can reach Morse seven levels, high temperature resistance, low expansion coefficient, heat shock resistance, chemical stability and electrical insulation performance is good, and can through ultraviolet and infrared light. Except hydrofluoric acid and thermal phosphoric acid, acid in general has good resistance to acid.


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     The factory has advanced production equipment, strong technical force, the detection means complete, advanced production technology, product quality and stability to the production of quartz-based products, but also the production of artificial crystal and so on.   
     All varieties of quartz glass are national and provincial title of quality products. Construction of 40 years to provide a high-tech products for the more than 300 users, but also to the United States, Britain, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong and other international markets. Quality products, good reputation to win the majority of customers praise and trust.
Jinzhou Best Quartz Co.,Ltd.


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