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l  Sealed pin joint for longer life

l  Easy to maintain; low cost of ownership

l  Standard flange, close-coupled and open throat hopper models


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The sewage pump series is a series is a new generation product successfully  developed in this Co. on the basis of the introduced foreign advanced know-how and the features a notable energy-saving effect, wrapping-proof, non-block, auto installation and control, and an unique effect on the drainage of solid grains and long fiber rubbish.

This series pump uses an unique impeller structure and a new-style mechanical seal and can effectively transport those media containing solids and long fibers. Compared with the conventional impeller, the impeller with this pump uses a form of single or dual flow-path, similar to an elbow of the same section and of an extremely good flow-through performance, and, fitted with a reasonable turbine room, this pump cam work very effectively and , via the dynamic and static balancing test on the impeller, run stably and reliably.

This series pump holds an advanced hydraulic performance, high efficiency, multiple structures and installation modes, simplifying the pump station and saving the investment.

This water pump is made according to JB/5118-2001.



Used for the municipal works, buildings, industrial sewage drainage, environmental protection sewage treatment, factories and mines sewage treatment etc. to drain the sewage, water and rainwater containing solids and long fibers.



l  The design with big flow-path block-resisting hydraulic parts greatly enhance the capacity to let sewage effectively passing through, including the fiber substances of a volume 3 times the aperture of the pump and the solid grains of a diameter about 30% of the aperture.

l  Reasonable design and fitted motor, high efficiency and a notable energy-saving effect.

l  The mechanical seal is duplex seals in series and made of hard alloy anti-corrosive tungsten carbide, features durability, wearability etc. and is capable of making the pump to safely and continually work for more than 8000h.

l  The pump is compact in the structure, small in the volume. Easily moved and conveniently mounted and, for work, only needs to submerge into water without a pump house, greatly lowering the engineering cost.

l  An oil-water probe set inside of the oil room of the pump will produce a signal to protect the pump once water gets into the room due to the damage of the mechanical seal on the pump side.

l  A full-auto safety and protective control cabinet can be fitted upon the need of users to monitor water leak, current leak, overload, temperature surpassing etc. so as to ensure the pump to reliably and safely work.

l  Guide-rail auto-coupling installation system makes pump installation and repair greatly convenient and people no need to get in and out of a sewage pool.

l  The float switch can automatically control the pump to start and stop in accordance with the required water level variations

l  No overload will be  produced with the motor when it runs within the head range for use.

l  A water chamber outside circulated cooling system can be used upon the place where the pump is used to ensure it safely run in the non-water(dry type) state.

l  Two installation modes: fixed auto-coupling and movable free installations, meeting with the different places for use.



1.    pump casing

2.    impeller

3.    oil room

4.    mechanical seal

5.    oil-water probe

6.    bearing

7.    motor

8.    motor housing

9.    signal cable

10. cable

11. upper cover of motor

12. float switch

13. Chassis



1.    pump casing

2.    shassis

3.    stirring wheel

4.    impeller

5.    upper cover of pump

6.    oil room

7.    mechanical seal

8.    oil-water probe

9.    bearing

10. motor

11. motor housing

12. signal cable

13. upper cover of motor

14. cable

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Dalian Pusiman is a machinery technology and development supplier who sells equipments to wide industries, for example water & wastewater treatment, pulp & paper, power energy, food & beverage, chemical, oil & petroleum, textile, tobacco, auto.

With professional technology and long term service experiences for world leading end users, we are concentrating on developing products’ function and quality to meet users’ new demands.

We are agency of some world leading brands and provide services for worldwide customers, such as PROTEGO, LANTIER.  
In order to meet different user’s cost saving demand, we also provides replacements spare parts for MOYNO, NETZSCH, HERMETIC, SPEEPEX, SULZER, MONO, HYDAC, PALL, please contact us for details.


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