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Spoiler Rubber Dam

Spoiler rubber dam, also known as disturbed flow rubber dam, adds the spoiler seismic structure at the base of common rubber dam. It is made of rubber cloth vulcanized by EPDM and synthetic fabrics..

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Spoiler rubber dam, also known as disturbed flow rubber dam, adds the spoiler seismic structure at the base of common rubber dam. It is made of rubber cloth vulcanized by EPDM and synthetic fabrics. Rubber dam can be inflated by air or water. It can effectively prevent rubber dam oscillating or squirming, thereby reduce the friction with downstream rubber protective layer result from rubber dam vibration. It is usually used to retain water, control flood, agricultural irrigation, power generation, beautify environment, etc.

Spoiler rubber dam consists of rubber bladder, anchoring clamping system, air evacuation system, anti vibration and anti vibration spoiler, abrasion resistant protective layer. Following I will introduce the five parts in detail.
Rubber bladder
Spoiler rubber dam is made of 90% EPDM. EPDM is a kind of special rubber with notable features in extreme temperatures, also can be resistant to weathering, ozone, UV. Spoiler rubber dam uses high strength polyester fabric which makes the dam bag have high tensile strength, obvious revivification advantage, not deform in long term using.
Anchoring clamping system
Anchoring clamping system is simple, easy to install, and a airtight waterproof system. According to different upstream water level and other factors, single anchor or double anchors can be used to fix rubber dam foundation. Clamping plates and anchor bolts usually are fixed on concrete foundation, also can be fixed on existing hole, then pour resin.
Air evacuation system
When air inflatable rubber dam complete collapse, dam bag is flat and no resistant to water. An independent air evacuation system channel evacuates air to exhaust vent ensuring that no remain air form, thereby guaranteeing dam bag cave in completely.
Anti vibration and anti vibration spoiler
Multivariate river flow and velocity of flow make whole or part dam bag vibrate which is solved by spoiler. Water overflow curtain passed spoiler can balance pressure which is the main control system of rubber dam seismic function.
Abrasion resistant protective layer
Protective layer can provide the rubber dam a complete protection, not only can prevent downstream abrasion, but also can prevent debris resident in the dam downstream.
Material structure: one cloth two rubber, two clothes three rubber, three clothes four rubber, etc.
Color: blue, black, red, gray, purple, etc.
Medium in dam: air or water.
According to installation method:
Single anchor.
Double anchor (pillow-like dam and inclined dam).
According to anchored method:
Bolt anchored.
Wedge anchored.
Customization can be available.
Good elasticity, tensile strength.
Resistant to weathering, ozone, UV, deformation, friction, vibration.
It has smooth surface with spoiler seismic structure, can eliminate vacuum underneath the dam, can create a beautiful scene of waterfall.
Automatic inflation and deflation system provides the dam excellent control of height and air pressure.
Long rubber dam does not need piers to firm which is not like concrete dam.
In frost area, air inflatable rubber dam has no problem, water inflatable rubber dam is not suitable.
Air inflatable rubber dam asks for high demand on inflatable proof; water inflatable rubber dam asks for lower requirement on this aspect.
It has short construction time, installation only need 3 to 15 days. It can be installed on new or existing foundation.
Easy to install with the help of clamp plates and anchor bolts.
Project cost is lower than conventional sluice dam: saving 30% to 70% cement, steel and wood comparing to concrete dam.
It has long service life, simple maintenance.
Retain water.
Control flood.
Agricultural irrigation.
Power generation.
Groundwater recharge.
Reservoir capacity enlargement.
Beautify environment.
Urban landscaping.
Raise existing dams.
Erosion control.
River regulation.

Company Profile

Zaoqiang Dacheng Rubber Co., Ltd. is located in Northern industrial park, Hengshui, Hebei, China. We are one of the leading manufacturers in development, design, manufacturing and marketing of inflatable rubber dams all over the world.

There are air inflatable rubber dam, water inflatable rubber dam and bookend rubber dam.

We have several kinds of inflatable rubber dam: air inflatable rubber dam, water inflatable rubber dam, bookend rubber dam,shield type rubber dam and spoiler rubber dam. We also offer automatic control system and various accessories. The material structure could be one cloth two rubber, two clothes three rubber, three clothes four rubber, etc. The color of inflatable rubber dam could be black, blue, red, gray, purple, etc. Medium of inflatable rubber dam is air or water. According to installation method, inflatable rubber dam can be divided into single anchor rubber dam and double anchor rubber dam. Double anchor rubber dam includes pillow-like rubber dam and inclined rubber dam.

Our productions are mainly exported to Australasia, America, Europe, Africa, etc. Our customers usually are engineering contractors. We can send out the products in time, also can provide customers construction guidance. Our products are cost-effective which are popular among customers.

Our products are considered to economical, durable, quality and have gained great acknowledgments from our customers. The productions also have simple structure, perfect seismic performance. When the rubber dam collapses completely, it is no resistant to water. The dam can be resistant to corrosion, weathering, aging, abrasion, sunlight, UV, heat and ozone.

If you are interested in any of our products, you can email us at Look forward to your inquiries and visit.


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