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The submersible tubular pump is a packaged mechatronic product integrating submersible motor technology, tubular pump technology, sealing technology and sensing monitoring technology; it has changed the conventional tubular pump structure to make the unit more compact, lighter and smaller, and  belongs to energy-saving products.

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INS. Angle : -4°
Capacity : 914
Lift : 10.5
Power : 34.74
EFF. : 78.58
DIA. : 300


1. Product Overview
   The submersible tubular pump is a packaged mechatronic product integrating submersible motor technology, tubular pump technology, sealing technology and sensing monitoring technology; it has changed the conventional tubular pump structure to make the unit more compact, lighter and smaller, and  belongs to energy-saving products.
     GZBW(S) Series Large Submersible Tubular Pump have combined mature submersible motor, planetary gear mechanism and other technologies with excellent dedicated tubular pump model, and adopted new technologies in motor cooling, sealing, auto drain, oil lubrication, etc and developed a completely new structure of tubular pump. According to the tests of model units, under the low-lift conditions (H = 1.5 ~ 2.0m), the highest unit efficiency of unidirectional pump can reach 80.9% while the highest unit efficiency of the bidirectional pump can reach 65.3%. GZBW(S) Series Large Submersible Tubular Pump has filled the technology gap in our country, attained the first level in the world and owned China’s independent intellectual property rights. It is of great significance to catch up with submersible pumps and pumping technical level of today’s advanced industrial countries and make use of our existing major water conservancy projects to drive technological innovation localization, and domestic submersible pump have chance to enter into major interbasin water diversion projects.

2. Application

The submersible tubular pump applies to large capacity and low lift, and it can drain water in forward and reverse direction. The submersible tubular pump is mainly used in urban flood control and drainage, water used for industry and agriculture and regional water diversion, especially applies to the situations  with designed low lift , long operation and emphasis on operating costs, such as comprehensive drainage and irrigation projects including water control and drainage projects, ecological environmental treatment projects, water diversion projects, etc. The submersible tubular pump is the most ideal flood control engineering product for the integrated use of drainage and irrigation in the country and has a broad market in China’s vast plains. If the bidirectional tubular pump is adopted, it is only necessary to change motor phase sequence or direction changes of the whole pump, so that pumping in forward direction or drainage in reverse direction can be achieved.

3. Features

3.1  Features of Submersible Tubular Pump with Diameter of Less Than 1400mm:

As inlet and outlet conduit is approximately linear (straight flow channel) and inlet and outlet lift (hydraulic power) has low loss, the unit efficiency is high (about rising 5%). This pump is especially suitable for the pumping houses with low Lift and large capacity.

Under the same working conditions, low-power electric motor configuration means low operating costs.

Shallow civil foundation excavation shall save amount of excavation;

No pumping station structure shall save civil engineering costs and works costs, reduce mounting area and shorten the construction period; the total investment of the pumping station can save 3040%.

The height from the top surface of the flow channel to the impeller hub is roughly described as following table (D0 refers to Outer Diameter):

3.2  Features of Oversize Intelligent Planetary Gear Submersible Pump

With the planetary gear to reduce the speed, high-speed motor is used to drive large pump rotate at low speed; the technical problems to restrict the large-scale development of submersible pumps are solved fundamentally and this is the development direction of large-scale ungraded and updated products. The structure adopts dry totally-enclosed submersible three-phase asynchronous motor and the protection level is IPX8; the structure adopts planetary gearbox coupling device, the strength and rigidity of the bearings can meet the requirements of vertical and horizontal installations; this structure can be immersed into water for long-period operation.

III. Model Symbol

1.  QGL Type Submersible Pump

2. Large Planetary Gear Submersible Pump


IV. Structure and Outline Drawing




Company Profile

Anhui Hengda Automatic Controls Group, Hefei Hengda Jianghai Pump Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as Hengda Jianghai) named from Hefei Sanyi Jianghai Pump Co., Ltd, is a professional designer and manufacturer for large high-end submersible pumps and integrated service provider for the Safe and efficient drainage system overall solution, whose wholly-owned subsidiary, Hefei Sanyi Jianghai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd mainly dealing with automatic control systems. The goal is to continue to lead the large-scale pump industry development and maintain the key position. With safe and efficient motor as its core, the company has integrated machinery, hydraulic power, material, power supply and electrics, intelligent control and information and communication, etc, and provided the overall solutions for customers.

  As a national high-tech enterprise and provincial scientific and technological innovation enterprise, Hengda Jianghai Co., Ltd owns provincial Large Submersible Pump Equipment Technology laboratory (Laboratory Academic Committee are from Tsinghua University, Hefei University of Technology, China University of Mining, Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute and other famous universities and state institutes for pumps and motors; the director, Wang Yuming, China Academy of Engineering and professor of Tsinghua University).

Hengda Jianghai has successfully practiced the business idea Win-win Social Benefits and Economic Benefits. Large-scale submersible pump units have made a significant contribution to mine drainage, rescue, drainage and mine recovery, comprehensive management of mine water, flood drainage, ecological environmental treatment, etc, and obtained full confirmation from all the society.

At present, our products have been exported to Germany, Iran, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, etc.For domestic market ,we have perfect performance for the last 5 years,especially for mining pumps .

   The company is willing to make a greater contribution to develop public safety industry and human - nature harmony together with all social men.



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