• ST3 Cage Spring Terminal Blocks

ST3 Cage Spring Terminal Blocks

     Compared with screw fixture type,the product of SIPUN Electric Co.,Ltd takes much shorter wiring connection time by about 5%at most.

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 Advantage of Product

    Compared with screw fixture type,the product of SIPUN Electric Co.,Ltd takes much shorter wiring connection time by about 5%at most.

The terminal and connector of SIPUN Electic Co., Ltd can be automatically adaptable to size of conductor inserted and offers the bes fastening force to conductors of different sizes. Therefore,no matter how the skill of wiring worker is it can ensure safety and reliability of every connection. Meanwhile the product owns high performance of corrosion resistance, anti-vibration and heat resistance even it works in severe condition.

Specification of Raw Material

   lnsulation Material

    For recent 40 years, nylon 66 has always been treatedas the best insulation material for conductor shell and connection termial or connector accessory.It has been approved by most international test institutes for its excellent anti-leakage current puncture performance, it reaches CTI600 according to IEC112 standard, which can reduce air and leakage current creepage distance, making out small element.

    As the material absorbs water in the ambient air so it owns 2.5% humidity, this part of water becomes a part of its chemical structure, so that it not only owns high rigidity but also owns good flexibility.

    The modified nylon of SIPUN Electric Co.,Ltd doesn't contain halogen,fluorocarbon, carbohydrate, silicone, asbestos, cadmium and formaldehyde. The nylon is not corrosive and can extinguish by itself (if reaches class V0 according to UL94)and it can work continuously at 105°C and ensure temperature stability (according to part I and IIof IEC 112).The minimum temperature for operation is -35°C(-31°F)and the minimum temperature for storage without external mechanical force can reach -50°C(-58°F).

    In years of actual practice, its basic stability offers sufficient protection to damge from ozone and ultraviolet. Nylon 66 owns excellent resistance performance against severe climate condition, it has also successfully been applied in tropic area. The insulation componentmade of it can prevent white ants. This material doesn't offer oxygen and other biological elements to animalcule too. In addition, existing anaerobic bacteria,epiphyte and enzye can't reduce its performance. It owns excellent repellence to most oil and lipid as well as general detergent, alcohol, freonfrigen and carbon tetrachloride etc As for acidoresistance, it'ssubject to type and density of acid.

Conductor Material

    Diversion strip of the cage type spring connection termianl and connector of SIPUN Electric Co., Ltd electrolytic copper Ecu (rigid and extremely rigid)as the standard material.

Conductor contact Surface

    Tin alloy plating is standard contact surface of diversion strip, it's corrosion resistant for long term.

When plated with tin alloy of specific thickness in the contact area, the surface forms air-tight connection, making long-term stability of contact resistance.

    Tin alloy surface treatment can protect the welding pin of connection terminal and connector for print circuit board and make it weldable. In order to enhance anti-abrasion performance for insertion and pulling of connector, this part also uses tin alloy , this treatment can keep long-term weldability.

Material of lndicator Clip

    All of the indicator clips of SIPUN Electric Co., Ltd adopt high quality and reliable Ni-Cr spring steel (CrNi). It owns hihg tensile strength and anti-corrosion performance, which is proved by years'actual experience.It's resistant to sea salt mist, urbanexhaust gas and industry gas like sulfur dioxide and sulfureted hydrogen. At general temperature 20°C (68°F), it's resistant to 30% tin phosphate saline solution.

    As the time goes by, laxation phenomenon can be ignored at ambient temperature of 105°C(221°F). The measured value is only 1.5% laxation even under condition of 250°C(482°F)and 500N/Mm2.

    After the indicator clip is made out, it shall be processed with leat treatment on a special production line at temperature between 350°C(622°F)and 420°C(788°F). This treatment can reduce internal stress produced after mechanical degenerescence of material.

Company Profile

 Yueqing Sipun Electric Co., Ltd. is specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing terminal blocks, electric connecting pieces and other switching equipment. Our company relies on the advanced management pattern, consummate craft facility, and fine mold processing technology and equipment to guarantee product quality. 

Our company was RoHS certified by Chinese quality center in May, 2006. We passed the European Union RoHS environmental protection certification. We passed EX authenticate issued by the national explosion-proof center examination in 2006. We are the first manufacturer which has passed this certification in China. 

Our products are strictly designed according to the international technical standards. They have passed the CE authentication of the European Economic Community. They completely conform to IEC60947-7-1 and other international standards. 

SIPUN will persist in carrying out the mission of "the quality is our enterprise's life and the reputation is our company's developing basis". 

SIPUN is willing to cooperate with you to create prosperity and development in the future!


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