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  • SES-T441P Glue Dispenser

SES-T441P Glue Dispenser

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SES-T441P Glue Dispenser
Dispensing machine main technical parameters
working range
repeat precision
machine size
200(X) *200(Y) *100(Z)mm
300(X) *300(Y) *100(Z)mm
400(X) *400(Y) *100(Z)mm
transmission mode
operating system
power supply
About 30KG
stepper motor/synchronous
belt demonstration teaching
AC220V50-60HZ   0.8KW
About 35KG
stepper motor/synchronous
belt demonstration teaching
AC220V50-60HZ  0.8KW
Jn 50KG
stepper motor/synchronous
belt demonstration teaching
AC220V50-60HZ  0.8KW
The machine performance:
1. The hand-held box demonstration teaching device chinese-language interface, easy to understand,
2. With painting points, lines, noodles, arc, circle. The irregular curve continuous fill rooms and triaxial linkage function; etc.
3.2 G hard disk large storage memory capacity, and software with regional array functions such as the rotation, translation,
4 rubber quantity size granules, gelatinize speed, time, stop glue dispensing absorbed.can be parameter setting, the adhesive volume stability, not LouDi glue,
5. Can be introduced into AUTO CAD file function, precise simplify the operation;
6. CCD auxiliary program editors and teach function allows the coordinates trajectory real-time tracking showed that position can shorten program edits time, greatly improving programming efficiency.
7. Optional double working platform design, can save time, or put take workpiece tie-in discharged convey mechanism, enterprise production efficiency and productivity competitive advantage
8. According to process needs, can add workbench positioning PIN, glue guns or floor heating temperature control device
9. Optional bull fine-tuning glue tube fixture, bull while assignments, doubling to improve work efficiency,
10. Optional 300CC large plastic tube or pressure bucket store glue homework, save change adhesive time.
11. Intelligent fault glue function, prevent pull glue, namely save glue, glue and reduce repair process,
12. The adhesive time control resolution 1ms;
13. Can a single materials plate more fixture circulation work, chief improve work efficiency.
14. "well, unique high-speed rotary valve made starting point and end point glue dispensing quantity control more precise.
15. Suitable fluid point glue, for example: UV glue, AB glue, EPOXY (black glue), white glue, EMI conductive adhesive, SILICON, EPOXY resin, instant glue, silver glue, red glue, solder paste, heat dissipation creams, prevent solder paste, transparent paint etc.

Company Profile

Dongguan SCIENCE Automation Equipment Technology Co. Ltd was established in 2005. It is located in Shuiling Industrial Park, Dongcheng District, DongGuan. The Company is near HuanCheng Road and the traffic is facilitate.

The Company is an high-technology enterprise which focuses on  industry automation, industry automatic equipment development and production. It has an highly efficiency Research and Development team which are composed of experienced automation engineers and structural engineers. The company actively works for the cooperation with Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Science (CASIA) and has established CASIA-SCIENCE (Beijing) United R&D Center. The developed products include dispensing equipment, manipulator, non-standard automation equipment, high precision servo-system and control card for stepping motor and servo-motor. The products have been widely used in many industrial enterprises.

Concretely, dispensing equipment includes quantitative dispensing machine, automatic dispensing machine, semi-automatic dispensing machine, Silica Gel dispensing machine, circulative dispensing machine, two-fluid dispensing machine, dispensing manipulator and X-Y-Z tri-axis dispensing machine. We also supply dispensing valve, pressure barrel, Silica Gel pressure barrel, all types of syringe for dispensing and conversion adapter with the enterprise clients.

Based on advanced technology, we have developed SCIENCE Industry Manipulator Series including single-axis manipulator, tri-axis manipulator, multi-rectangular axis manipulator and multi-joint manipulator. We also provide automatic control schemes and technology for clients who concern with manipulators used in automatic welding, automatic spraying, automatic stamping, automatic assembling and automatic handling. We can design control system of manipulators according to the parameters such as drive mode, precision, velocity and load which are the clients' requirements in their applications.

In recent years we have solved many problems for clients in industries of electronics, decorative lighting, electro-optic, hardware, plastic, toy and so on, thus helping the enterprises to increase the production efficiency and reduce the waste and cost.

We have always been paying attention to the innovation of the before-sale service, in-sale service and after-sale service in the marketing practice and making great efforts to improve service quality and renew service contents. We promise that the sold products can be replaced within three months, repaired for free within a year and lifelong maintained.

We advocate honesty and faithfulness. We will continuously take the quality as the core management, take the service as the guarantee, take the talents as the foundation, take the technological innovation as life and develop more satisfactory automatic products and offer clients-inspired solutions in a range of industries in the future.


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