• SDS PLUS Shank Drills

SDS PLUS Shank Drills


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Manufacturing process: milled  

Point angle: 130º  Flute: single

Material: 40Cr, tungsten carbide

Finish: Sandblasted, Zine-coated, Ni-coated

Diameter: 4-30mm

Extremely robust fast drilling bit for SDS Plus systems
with brazed carbide tip & shot blast finish. Ideal for
efficient drilling in concrete, granite, brick etc.
DIN 8035


Diameter x Overall Length

  Working Code Length Diameter x Overall Length Working Code Length
4.0 x 110mm 45mm 13.0 x 160mm 80mm
4.0 x 160mm 95mm 13.0 x 210mm 130mm
5.0 x 110mm 45mm 13.0 x 260mm 180mm
5.0 x 160mm 95mm 13.0 x 300mm 220mm
5.0 x 210mm 147mm 13.0 x 460mm 380mm
5.0 x 310mm 247mm 14.0 x 160mm 80mm
5.5 x 110mm 45mm 14.0 x 200mm 120mm
5.5 x 160mm 95mm 14.0 x 260mm 180mm
5.5 x 210mm 147mm 14.0 x 300mm 220mm
5.5 x 260mm 197mm 14.0 x 460mm 380mm
5.5 x 310mm 247mm 14.0 x 600mm 520mm
6.0 x 110mm 45mm 14.0 x 1000mm 920mm
6.0 x 160mm 97mm 15.0 x 160mm 80mm
6.0 x 210mm 147mm 15.0 x 200mm 120mm
6.0 x 260mm 197mm 15.0 x 260mm 180mm
6.0 x 460mm 397mm 15.0 x 460mm 380mm
6.5 x 110mm 45mm 16.0 x 160mm 80mm
6.5 x 160mm 97mm 16.0 x 200mm 120mm
6.5 x 210mm 147mm 16.0 x 250mm 180mm
6.5 x 260mm 197mm 16.0 x 300mm 230mm
7.0 x 110mm 45mm 16.0 x 460mm 380mm
7.0 x 160mm 97mm 16.0 x 600mm 520mm
7.0 x 210mm 147mm 16.0 x 800mm 720mm
8.0 x 110mm 45mm 16.0 x 1000mm 920mm
8.0 x 160mm 97mm 17.0 x 200mm 120mm
8.0 x 210mm 147mm 18.0 x 200mm 120mm
8.0 x 260mm 197mm 18.0 x 250mm 175mm
8.0 x 310mm 247mm 18.0 x 300mm 220mm
8.0 x 460mm 397mm 18.0 x 460mm 380mm
8.0 x 610mm 545mm 18.0 x 600mm 520mm
9.0 x 160mm 97mm 18.0 x 1000mm 920mm
9.0 x 210mm 147mm 19.0 x 200mm 120mm
10.0 x 110mm 45mm 19.0 x 460mm 380mm
10.0 x 160mm 97mm 20.0 x 200mm 120mm
10.0 x 210mm 147mm 20.0 x 300mm 220mm
10.0 x 260mm 197mm 20.0 x 460mm 380mm
10.0 x 310mm 247mm 20.0 x 600mm 520mm
10.0 x 360mm 297mm 20.0 x 1000mm 920mm
10.0 x 460mm 397mm 22.0 x 250mm 175mm
10.0 x 600mm 537mm 22.0 x 450mm 370mm
10.0 x 1000mm 937mm 22.0 x 600mm 520mm
11.0 x 160mm 95mm 22.0 x 1000mm 920mm
11.0 x 210mm 145mm 24.0 x 250mm 175mm
11.0 x 260mm 195mm 24.0 x 450mm 370mm
11.0 x 300mm 235mm 25.0 x 250mm 175mm
12.0 x 160mm 85mm 25.0 x 450mm 370mm
12.0 x 210mm 135mm 25.0 x 600mm 520mm
12.0 x 260mm 185mm 25.0 x 1000mm 920mm
12.0 x 310mm 235mm 26.0 x 250mm 175mm
12.0 x 460mm 385mm 26.0 x 450mm 370mm
12.0 x 600mm 525mm 28.0 x 450mm 370mm
12.0 x 1000mm 920mm 30.0 x 460mm 380mm


SDS PLUS Shank Drills

Company Profile

Liaoning MEC Group  Co., Ltd. is located in China’s famous coastal Dalian city. The company is a comprehensive group, the business scope includes international project contracting, international trade and domestic  trade, environmental engineering, e-commerce, real estate and property management, warehousing and logistics , and investment.

The group company was founded in 1994. Up to now, the average annual turnover is around 2.2 billion yuans, of which, the volume of import and export amounts for more than USD 250 millions. The company keeps business relations with several thousand firms and enterprises home and abroad.

All along with the development during the past twenty years, we  never forget our responsibilities to the society. The company is persistent in providing supports to the public welfares, its year in year out public donation activities have won broadly recognitions from the social communities as well as governmental authorities.

  We adhere, with the company’s good HR resources and scientific management models, the ideas of advance decision making, moderate operation, prudent management, sustainable development, and abide by the core values of being realistic, to create and to share. We do our best to provide our customers with added service.


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