• Rice cracker production line

Rice cracker production line

The rice cake equipment is a kind of rice cake complete set equipment specially designed by our factory based on the absorption of advantages of Japanese and Taiwanese machinery and the consideration of actual conditions of China.

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Rice cracker production line
Introduction: The rice cake equipment is a kind of rice cake complete set equipment specially designed by our factory based on the absorption of advantages of Japanese and Taiwanese machinery and the consideration of actual conditions of China. In China, we are the sole factory capable of producing this equipment, and the equipment fills up the domestic blanks, replaces imported equipment and has many technical and economic characteristics, particularly has the advantages of low investment, high efficiency and quick effect. Domestically, the equipment is widely used by food product factories such as Wangwang, Xiaoshuaicai and Miduoqi.

System Components: The whole equipment consists of four sections: Milling, blank making, puffing flavoring and packing, and its supporting facilities include the equipment related to electricity, steam, compressed air, water, liquefied gas, etc.

Main Equipment
Rice-soaking and Milling Equipment: Soak rice in a rice-soaking bucket for some time, rinse and dry the rice, put the rice in a conveyor by which the rice is transferred to a milling machine, and the rice is milled into 60 to 100-mesh flour with the milling machine. Productive Capacity of Single Equipment: 600 to 1,000kg/8h
Steaming Machine: Mix the rice flour and auxiliary materials in a certain ratio, add a proper amount of water into the mixture, steam it while stirring, and put the dough in an extruder to prepare belt-shaped blanks.
Extruding Machine and Forming Machine: Put the steamed belt-shaped blanks in the extruding machine by a basin for repeatedly extrusion, and then transfer the blanks to the forming machine for pressing forming.
First-time dryer: Transfer the formed wet cake blanks to the first-time dryer for multi-layer repeated drying.
Cake Blank Finishing Machine and Baking Machine: The cake blanks after secondary drying are automatically finished by the finishing machine and then transferred to the baking machine for puffing;
Sugar Coating Machine and Third-time Dryer: The puffed rice cakes are transferred to the sugar coating machine for sugar coating (the sugar is sprayed on the surface in a shape of snowflake) and then dried by the third-time dryer to remove water in syrup.
Oil Sprayer and Fourth-time Dryer: The rice cakes with the dried sugar coating are transferred to the oil sprayer to spray oil on the rice cakes, and then transferred to the fourth-time dryer to make the oil absorbed in the rice cakes.

Manufacturing standards and characteristics:
·Full automatic PLC control system, all of the control elements adopt international well-known brand, high precision and reliable.
·All of the parts in contact with material adopt stainless steel SUS316L or SUS304
·There is an observation window with illuminator on the Baking oven available for watching during operation.
·Provide whole factory planning, personnel training ,product material analysis and technological formulation.

Company Profile

HG Group is the professional manufacturer to make food machinery. HG is the strong and large team in the food machinery industry. Our food machinery are integration of European ,American and Japanese advanced technology. The standard of technology and information are in forefront of China. We are Well-known in domestic and abroad markets.

In these years many of our new products were included in the project of Shanghai Science and Technology industrialization, Shanghai high-tech Achievement Transformation Project, National Spark Program, National important new products Program. We have above 300 national patents. We are the patent pilot enterprises. We have passed the ISO9001, CE certificates. We were gained the AAA credit certificate of contract. Our factory has long history, powerful technology, reliable quality and considerate after-sale service. We will work hard in the future to takes more new products to the market.

HG group will become barriers to food machinery manufacturing industry through our effort. It will build a great wall to makes the 9 branch factories hardly to be exceeded. The team of HG will be based of management, supplemented by technological innovation. HG will become the most powerful team to gather with the 9 branch factories.
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