• Reverse osmosis 2 levels of processing equipment

Reverse osmosis 2 levels of processing equipment

Waterproof pressure fluctuation protection

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1. Imported accessories rate is as high as 90% above;
2. Operate a high degree of automation;
3. A low-pressure full automatic stop water;
4. Full automatic stop water high pressure;
5. Waterproof pressure fluctuation protection;
6. Automatic controller timing flush front filter material;
7. IC microcomputer controller automatically Flush the reverse osmosis membrane;
8. Automatic water quality monitoring;
9. covers an area of less, low energy consumption, no pollution;
Simple process, high quality, easy operation and maintenance;
10. high removal rate, more than 97% soluble salts;
More than 98% of the colloid organic matter, bacteria, heat source by more than 98%

Water making process

Water to booster pump, manganese sand filter, activated carbon filter - > security filters - > to reverse osmosis membrane element, high-pressure pump pure water, the water.

Process Description

1 The first-level pretreatment system USES quartz sand filter medium, main purpose is to get rid of the sand, the water containing manganese, rust, colloidal substance and mechanical impurity, suspended particles in more than 20 um harmful Substances to human body.
2 Secondary pretreatment System using activated carbon filter, remove the pigment in the water, bad breath, a large number of biological organisms, reduces the residual chlorine in water and pesticide pollution and other harmful pollutants
3 Preprocessing System using cationic resin to soften water, mainly to remove the hardness in the water
4 Pretreatment System adopts 5 microns in diameter precision filter to make a further purification water, to optimize the water turbidity and chromaticity. Ensure the RO water requirements of the system.

Range of application

◊ Brackish water and seawater desalination.
◊ Purified water device as a high level of desalination of pure water production equipment.
◊ Community, real estate property, schools, factories, hospitals, teahouse, hotels, beauty salon, canteen and more various types of enterprises and institutions.
◊ Can be used for bottled water, mineral water, etc filling water of making work.
◊ Electronic industrial water integrated circuit, silicon wafer washing water, display tube and other electronic components.
◊ Pharmaceutical industry water infusion, injection, tablet, biochemical products, equipment cleaning, etc.
◊ Seawater, brackish water desalination Island, ships, offshore drilling platform, bitter salty water.
◊ Other process water car, home appliance coating, coated glass, cosmetics, fine chemicals, etc. with ultrapure water.




Reverse osmosis 2 levels of processing equipment

Company Profile

Guangzhou Jinfeng Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that produces cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and dairy equipment. We undertake equipment design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, technical improvement support, technical consultancy and other services. Our main products are vacuum homogeneous emulsifying machines, reverse osmosis water treatment machines, automatic and semi-automatic filling machines and all kinds of stainless steel tanks. All of them are of reliable quality and good effect. We have more than ten years' experience in machinery manufacturing and our products have been entered into domestic and overseas markets. The diverse products with high quality can meet various needs of industries mentioned above.

Jinfeng focuses on creating value for customers. We not only provide installation service, but also help customers design and select equipment according to existing sites. After-sales Department specifically organizes clients to carry out debugging. We also offer one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance. The after-sales hotline is opening the whole day and we are willing to provide consulting service for you. We value the good relationship with customers. We serve customers in domestic and international markets, and have won a good reputation. "With credit to survive and develop" is our philosophy.


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