• RT-LAB Laboratory Sand Mill/Bead Mill

RT-LAB Laboratory Sand Mill/Bead Mill

Reasonable design for inner and outer structure allows stable performance with no vibration and noise.

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The working force between grinding media and material is generated from the high-speed rotation of dispersing device(disc, pin or paddle). Under the force of viscous resistance, Grinding media and material moves along with dispersing device and be thrown to the cylinder inner wall by centrifugal force, forming double-circle turbulence. The strong inter-movements of grinding media form great cutting, pressing and abrasive force, making the material change shape and generate stress-field. When that stress reaches material yielding and breading limit, the material will be deformed plastically or pulverized. The un-pulverized material will be thrown back to the cylinder inner wall by centrifugal force. In this zone, the density of grinding media reaches the highest point, thus making the pulverization more powerful. The fine final products will be separated from grinding media by separator and be discharged from the outlets.

1) Turbine, disc or pin type inner structure allows high grinding efficiency. It can reach 100 nanometer for D90.

2) According to the process characteristic, the rotation rate of the dispersion shaft can be steplessly changed by the frequency conversion technology to get the best process parameters.

3) Pressure and temperature automatic control devices ensure safe production.

4) Applied with world-class pneumatic diaphragm or peristaltic feeding pump, suitable for small production

5) Owning the same production effect with industrial sand mill, experimental result of laboratory bead mill could be applied in large production directly.

6) Reasonable design for inner and outer structure allows stable performance with no vibration and noise.

7) Ceramic and PU material are optional.

8) Frequency control and PLC are optional.

9) With CE&ISO9001:2008 qualification.

10) Dynamic or static separating system for different material to ensure smooth discharging.


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RT-LAB Laboratory Sand Mill/Bead Mill

Company Profile

Established at mid-90s, the predecessor of Shanghai ROOT Root Mechanical And Electrical Equipment Co.,ltd has been involved in the field of dispersing,emulsifying,grinding and mixing. With the philosophy of Concentration Makes Professional,the management decided to concentrate the enterprise attention on the development of the wet grinding equipment in 2012 and ROOT brand was born at that time. Consisted of Shanghai Marketing Center,Shanghai Technology Development Center,Shanghai Customer Service Center ,Shanghai Technics Research & Development Center,Shanghai Production & Processing Center and Jiangxi Production & Processing Center,Now ROOT enterprise has become one of the most impressed manufacturers for the wet grinding equipment in the industry.

1.1 Located in the Shanghai Hongqiao hub where has convenient traffic,ROOT Shanghai Marketing Center has the professional working term who concentrate their attention on the global sales and business work of ROOT product.

1.2 Located in the beautiful Caohejing Innovation Park which is one of the first batch of 14 National Economic and Technical Development Zones,ROOT Shanghai Technology Development is the most important link between market and product.All the team members are the elites in the wet grinding area and the team leader is the specialist of Tsinghua University.

1.3 Located in the Caoan Road where has a convenient traffic and is only 10 kilometers far away from Shanghai Hongqiao hub,ROOT Shanghai Customer Service Center concentrate their attention on the sales and after-sales service for the global customer. With the competent engineer team, we are the first one who put forward the idea of free equipment maintenance every half year and will like to maximize the customer value.

1.4 ROOT Production and Processing center consisted of Shanghai Fengxian production center and Jiangxi Nanchang production center. With the strong processing power and clear division of labour for different market and equipment model,we can ensure the high product quality and quick deliver time.

1.5 Located in the Shanghai Hongqiao hub,Shanghai Technics Research And Development Center has the advanced lab working and test equipment.We will freely assist customer to do technics research &development, technics adjustment and equipment selection.
Root Mechanical And Electrical Equipment Co.,ltd


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