QDJ1200 Chocolate Chip Depositor

This chocolate liquid dripping machine,type QDJ1200,is specifically used to make small pellet of chocolate products,the machine makes the chocolate liquid dripping directely onto the PU conveyer belt,cooling it in the cooling channel,then dropping into the roller through the belt,finally form the different shapes.The machine has an accurate controlling,a simple method of operating,a wide scope of usage and a large quantity of manufacture.

Product Details

Quick Details Parameter

Conveyer belt width : 600~1200mm
Conveyer belt speed : 13r/min
Cooling channel working temperature : 0~10℃
Pour inerval time : 3.5~20s(changable)
Refrigerating capacity : 16970w/h×2
evaporating temperature : -5℃
condensating temperature : 30℃
Supplementary total powper : 45.2kw
Compressed air volume : 0.6m3/min
External dimensions : 16000×1600×1750mm
Overall weight : 2500kg


The depositor QDJ1200 is a specified equipment to produce small granule chocolate. The chocolate liquid dripping directly onto the PU conveyor belt and moves into the cooling tunnel for cooling, according to the roller under the conveyor belt, the chocolate granules fall automatically. The machine has characteristics of accurate control, simple operation, wide range of usage and large production capacity..


      Conveyer belt width: 600~1200mm(selective)
      Conveyer belt speed: 13r/min
      Cooling channel working temperature: 0~10℃
      Pour inerval time: 3.5~20s(changable)
      Refrigerating capacity: 16970w/h×2(evaporating temperature: -5℃,condensating   temperature 30℃)
      Supplementary total powper: 45.2kw
      Compressed air volume: 0.6m3/min
      External dimensions: 16000×1600×1750mm
      Overall weight: 2500kg

Company Profile

Suzhou Gusu General Works of Food Processing Machinery is located at the famous town with beautiful landscapes in the southern part of the Yangtze River.It is a joint-stock cooperation enterprise,having more than 20 years" history of manufacturing chocolate equipments and candy equipments,and its production has formed a whole set as well as been systematic.The whole set of chocolate equipment and candy casting equipment of Gusu Brand has been well sold in many countries at home and abroad and enjoy a good reputation among its industry that be regarded as the specialist of producing chocolate equipment in China.
Suzhou Gusu General Works of Food Processing Machinery boasts an area of 40,000 square meters and the building area is 10,000 square meters,equipped with mechanical processing equipments of full categories and high pricision.During the past more than 20 years,because it put much emphasis on quality and scrupulously abide by promises,the factory has been awarded the titles of Advanced Collective and Star Industry of Jiangsu province.
Since a long time,Gusu has set "Unity makes the first-class" as enterprise"s sprit,the quality priority and customer-orientation as enterprise"s motivation,paying high attention to exploration,manufacturing,selling and service,warmly and continuously providing high-quality production and good service to the old and new customers.Customers are able to choose proper equipments according to their characteristics and scale of producing.The enterprise can also design and manufacture seperate and wuitable equipment as some customer"s request.Currently,the main production in the enterprise all the year round are: a series of chocolate find grinder,chocolate syrup attemperator,chocolate coating machine,chocolate syrup transportation machine,chocolate casting machine and so on.

Suzhou Gusu General Works of Food Processing Machinery warmly welcome friends at this industry at home and abroad come to inspect and hold trade talk,we are bound to satisfy you with first-class production and service


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