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  • Q52B autoclave sterilizer with ce

Q52B autoclave sterilizer with ce

 1. Safety Features


2. Reliable sterilization solution

3. High speed cycles

4. Extra Dryness

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 Quantus--Professional Class B Autoclave

Your sterilization solution specialist

Your  infection control partner

1. Safety Features

2. Reliable sterilization solution

3. High speed cycles

4. Extra Dryness


1. Design in German, High quality

2. Safety Features

• Locking safety device

Electrical locking safety system prevents door from opening while chamber is at high pressure and temperature

• External Water Circulation

Distilled water is feed from external water reservoirs and after each cycle , vapor is pumped out  from the chamber and tubing. This unique technology  will eliminate the possibility of water deposit build-up .

• Power outage recovery system

 In case of a power outage, the chamber pressure will be balanced , so the instruments could be take out .

• Water quality detection

Poor steam quality may impair the sterilization process. For this reason, water feed system is equipped with water quality sensor and vision alarm . The detection system give out alarm and stop the sterilization load to prevent the impurities harming the equipment. This technology  ensures the lifetime of the autoclave and efficient operation of the sterilization process.  

3 .Quantus ---- Reliable sterilization solution

One cycle, 100% sterile  

Reliable disinfection

24 hours stand by

High speed cycle

• High speed cycles--  as fast as 15 minutes

It takes only 15 minutes(include dry time) to run Quick cycle 2 for the unwrapped instruments at a full load. 

• Extra Dryness --Even for cotton textile


Based on the Quantus unique deep heat-dry technology ,the residue steam will quickly evaporate from the chamber. This will ensure complete drying of porous loads and hollow instruments at the end of the sterilization process

• 24 hours stand by--no waiting between cycles

Quantus is designed to be fast sterilizer that can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   No waiting between cycles due to stand-by steam available from powerful steam generator. 
• High sterility assurance levels  -----  reliable and complete disinfection

The deep and powerful water-cooling vacuum-pump can achieve  as low as 0.96 bar air pressure.  It can reliable and completely remove air from solid, hollow, and porous instruments in a speedier way, be they wrapped or unwrapped.This technique allows faster and more effective steam penetration throughout the entire instrument load and higher sterilization results.


4. Expertise on sterilization technology

• Touch screen- the simple and widely automated operation

Quantus features a color(TFT) LCD touch screen and is easy to operate.The fully automated, menu-driven panel is allowing the user to easily operate the autoclave,

browse programs and monitor every detail of sterilization process. 

• Easy maintenance-- external  water reservoirs

  In case of internal water reservoirs,  care must be taken to clean the reservoirs regularly. But for external water reservoirs,the waste water will be drained directly, no extra care needed . Once it's connected to the distilled water feeder, it's ready to work.

5. Quantus series autoclaves buying guide

• Contemporary line --Compact and versatile, Quantus stainless series autoclaves are ideal solution for  where speed and efficiency are required without compromising quality. It can be installed in a in-cabinet way for space saving.  Contemporary design with stainless  steel look,  making it a great fit in any clinics

• Classic line-- It comes with classic white color and matches with Quantus sterilize cabinet. The chamber volume is large, easy access for service and maintenance of all parts of the autoclaves.It's especially suitable for clinics requiring a high turnover.


3 pre-vacuum air removal pulses

Deep heat-dry 

External water circulation

Powerful steam generator

Water quality detection

Power outage protection 

Reliable embedded operating system

Intelligent  load detection system

Stand-by heating mode

External water  reservoirs

Build-in large memory

Locking safety device

Sterilization timer 


Company Profile

 Nanjing FoiNoe Co. Ltd is a specialized supplier of medical, dental, and biochemistry lab products. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction and we achieve this through professional customer support and quality products. Our knowledge and experience in the health care market ensures that we provide our customers with exceptional service.


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