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Printing Machine for Artificial Leather

Printing Machine for Artificial Leather mainly used in surface treatment of all kinds of leather, PVC and PU such as color changing, printing, polishing, glazing, fog-handling and surface treatment.

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Quick Details Parameter

Size(L×W×H)(mm): : 5200*2400*2600
Power: : 25 KW
Motive Power: : 2HP+2HP (computer VVVF)
Change Color Standard: : 160*1700 MM
Working width: : 1650 mm (65
Working speed: : 0-35 m/min



1,It uses the oven and the fan to dry the products with stainless steel cooling type electrothermal tube.
2,To make it simply, it uses the computer to control the two powers in the front part and the back part at the same time, and the speed of the frequency control of the motor will keep together.
3,high speed auto cutting and receiving in unwinding,rewinding,no stop
4,machine tension four float roll seven motor sychronous control in closed loop
5,steady tension when speed is changing,high yield
6,air cooling device
7,high definition inspection unit and high actually register system
8,delux and novel surface design
9,Taida frequency converter control vector motor
10, low friction cylinder control float roll tension


1. The machine surface should be without watermarks, oil, dust, debris, large drum, mesh belt, rolling wheels, idler pulley, plastic pots, plastic roller, pulp wheel, knife plate should wipe, wash clean.
2. Strictly prohibited on-load open, barrier gate.
3. Motor can never exceed the load; accelerate, deceleration turning "speed adjustment" knob should be careful, and gradually transferred to the required speed, or easily damaged motor.
4. Forbid to operate "positive inversion switch" when machinery is in running, otherwise fragile to damage converter and motor.
5. To adjust the wheel of stepless variable speed machine can fine-tune the tightness of printing when machine running, keep material speed synchronous with the print roller, but prohibit to rotate the hand wheel when machine stop, (that is to say can not change speed), Otherwise, easy to damage stepless gearbox.
6. Keep waxing regularly on stepless gearbox, motor belts, often add oil in chains, bearings, cylinder stroke, and change oil regularly in worm gear reducer to ensure its lubrication, running well.
7. Under normal circumstances, "Manual / Auto" switch of electrical panel box should be at "automatic" position, electric eyes, limit switch works..
8. Inverters data has been set well before leaving the factory, non-professionals is strictly prohibited to change, set, disassembly and repair.
Printing Machine for Artificial Leather

Company Profile

Dongguan Yong Gan Machinery Co., Ltd. is a factory which has more than 20 years experience in machine industry. We have our own research and development system, mainly produce all types of surface treatment machines such as leather machines, case and bag processing machines, shoes material processing machines, leather embossing machines, coloring machines, stamping and sticking machines , glitter laminating machines (glitters), different kinds of shoes fabric laminating machines (compound machines, textile insertion machines), long-dry self-paste glue applicators, hot-melt glue coating laminating machines, water-proof breathable film (fabric glue-point) laminating machines, super glue laminating machines, roll cloth inspecting machines, strip cutting (slitter) machines, and gum machine and small gluing machines. We also manufacture and improve machinery relating to the whole factory. Our products such as laminating machines, embossing machines, hot-stamping machines and color changing machines, have stable performance, reasonable structure and diversified types. Customers may select appropriate type or automotive or economical configuration according to different products.

Our principle: Create economic value for our customers;
Our long-term competition strategy: Manufacture the best products and provide best before-and-after sales service;
Objective: Surviving on quality; Developing on innovation; Being honest and cooperative; Seeking bilateral winning.

We convince that we will win your approval through our advanced technology and our efforts of the entire company. That is, the most trustable partner forever is Dongguan Yong Gan Machinery Co., Ltd.!
Dongguan Yong Gan Machinery Co., Ltd.


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