• Plate heat exchanger

Plate heat exchanger

Liaoning SEER HVAC Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturing plate heat exchanger units, the main products are BR, BRB, ZBR three series, suitable for all kinds of medium and material cooling, heating, evaporation, condensation, disinfection and waste heat recovery process.

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1, a higher heat transfer coefficient

Plate with high thermal conductivity materials, such as: stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel, heat exchanger dedicated copper etc.. The formation of different corrugated shape structure after cold stamping, sheet corrugated can make the fluid turbulence at small flow rate. The heat transfer coefficient and plate type heat exchanger with high. In the same condition, the heat transfer coefficient of heat exchanger 3-5 times higher than the general steel pipe. Heat exchange area is tight for shell and tube heat exchanger area 1/3-1/4.

2, the structure is compact

Because the heat transfer plate arranged tightly, plate spacing is smaller, and the surface of the corrugated sheet stamping forming and greatly increases the effective heat transfer area, so the unit volume contained in the heat transfer area, covers an area of less than the same shell and tube type heat exchange area of the heat exchanger, and metal consumption is small, light weight in general, no special foundation, and field assembly and disassembly without accounting for the extra space.

3, reliable and durable

Mat using double sealing structure sealing principle I plant the production of plate heat exchanger, increases the rubber pad and plate internal friction force, so that the sliding pad is greatly reduced; at the same time adopts honeycomb structure surrounding the rigid good, the cushion tightly locked in the side, which greatly improve the sealing performance of the whole heat exchanger.

4, easy to clean

Plate by bolts tightly assembled, will be unloaded bolts can be loosened, plate, or unloading plate mechanical cleaning and manual cleaning, the need for regular cleaning of the heat exchanger is very convenient.

5, a variety of medium heat exchange

If the plate heat exchangers are the middle clapboard, a device can be three or more than three kinds of (a plurality of intermediate diaphragms) heat exchange medium. Plate heat exchanger in dairy processing multi media often use heat transfer. Shell and tube type heat exchanger is unable to achieve the heat exchange medium in a variety of equipment in the.

Company Profile


Liaoning SEER HVAC Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the domestic production of heat exchange equipment specializing in the production of enterprises, scientific research, advanced technology, made outstanding contributions to the development of heat exchanger industry in china.

Liaoning SEER HVAC Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a national urban heating Association member units, has one or two types of pressure vessel manufacturing license, has a perfect quality assurance system, the company passed the ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification.

Enterprise gathering multidisciplinary excellent talent, has the abundant technical force, rich experience in engineering, according to market needs and feedback, suggestions, constantly sum up experience, the use of new materials, new technology and advanced computer aided design system and test system, and the use of South Korean imports of plate, the development of new product, product performance is more outstanding, more reliable quality, operation and maintenance more convenient, widely used by units of welcome and trust. Enterprises are the main products: BR, BRB, and ZBR series of plate heat exchanger, shell and tube type heat exchanger, non negative pressure water supply equipment, all kinds of tank type heat exchanger, floating coil heat exchanger, spiral plate heat exchanger, air cooler, cooler, industrial furnace heat exchanger, steam water heat exchanger unit, cleaner, filter, dryer, heat exchange unit in the thermal station, various fan manufacturing, marketing and service network throughout the country.

Reliable quality, excellent performance, reasonable price and first-class service for the enterprise to win a good reputation and praise. The products have been widely used in various fields of mine, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, electric power, medicine, food, textile, papermaking, shipbuilding, ocean development, central heating. The company's quality policy is "scientific management, refine on, people-oriented, customer first". Do 100% qualified products, strict process discipline, implementation of self inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection unifies, accurate identification and effective implementation of the customer requirements, we believe that there is no best but better world.

We are willing to provide the best quality products and most considerate service to you with first-class technology.


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