• Plate heat exchanger

Plate heat exchanger


Plate heat exchangers are widely used in heating, hot water bath, air conditioning, hydraulic oil cooling, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food processing and other fields.

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The main component is composed of a heat exchanger plate, gasket, clamping plate, a guide rod, a clamping bolt. Heat exchanger plate is made of stainless steel plate pressing and molding, it is provided with 4 channel pore, middle pressure corrugated adult shape, surrounding pressure seal groove. The seal groove is stuck with a rubber gasket. Heat exchanger plate through the positioning alignment two rod, two clamping plate to plate pressing all through the clamping bolt, thus forming a cavity flow heat exchanger heat exchanger. The adjacent for chevron bellows direction hot plate installation instead, contact each other mutual support. Corrugated herringbone and the supporting point so that the fluid medium in the internal flow is fully turbulent, the plate type heat exchanger with is the main reason for the high heat transfer efficiency. In addition the heat exchanger plate thickness is thinner, smaller thermal resistance of heat conduction, on both sides of plate fluid flow distribution is more balanced, also makes the heat transfer is sufficient.

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Sade international group. Chinese - Liaoning Sade heat exchange equipment manufacturing Co. Ltd. is engaged in the plate heat exchanger, heat exchange unit, spiral plate heat exchanger for heating, hot water bath, air conditioning, hydraulic oil cooling, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food processing and other fields, is a heat exchanger manufacturers for good, the Liaoning heat device, Siping heat exchanger.

The company from the company, has won the high-tech enterprise certificate, certificate of quality management system, financial registration certificate of the enterprise with foreign investment, design license of special equipment of the people's Republic of China, China brand quality assured, a supply network certificate.

Liaoning Sade heat exchange equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a highly innovative and practice of foreign-funded enterprises, the company is located in Changtu County, Liaoning province covers an area: 6967 square meters, construction area of 4583 square meters, the company registered capital of 30000000 yuan, with 18000000 yuan in fixed assets. At present the enterprise employees 145 people, including college education 26 people, professional and technical personnel more than 8 people, the good node enterprises as a whole is younger, knowledge structure, the company currently has 9 departments, 3 production and auxiliary workshops.


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