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       The phytase product is a kind of orthophosphoric monoester phosphohydrolase which is produced from trichoderma by submerged fermentation.It can degrade the phytic acid(phytate)into phaseomannite and phosphate and orderly release the phosphorus which can be  absorbed by animals from phytic acid,meanwhile, it can release the other nutrients which are complex by the phytic acid(phytate).It can increase the utilization rate of phosphorus,decrease the feed costs and environment pollution.
Note:Three typesof Phytase:Concentrated powder type,concentrated granule type,concentrated coated granule type.
The below photo is Concentrated coated granule type.

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Product specification
1、Appearance:light yellow powder,moisture <8%
2、Enzyme activity:10000U/g
4、pH value:3.0-6.0
Definition of enzyme activity
One phytase unit (U) is the amount of enzyme that liberates 1 μ mol inorganic phosphorus(dipotassium phosphate as standard,the coloration of nitric acid,molybdic acid and marquistest to measure the absorbance value) per minute(reaction time 30 minutes)from 5.0mmol/L sodium phytate solution at 37℃ and pH 5.5(0.25mol/l acetic acid-sodium acetate buffer solution,use Triton and BSA as the surfactant.(GB/T-18634-2009)
Application in the livestock industry
 1、Increase the utilization of phosphorus in the feed by decreasing the feed costs and it can decrease the phosphorus in the feces;
2、Increase teh daily weight gain of broilers and the layingrate of layers,decrease the Egg borken ratio of layers and breeding hens;
3、Increase the utilization rate of mineral elements in the feed,such as Ca, Zn, Co, Mg, Fe etc;
4、Increase the utilization rate of protein,amino acid,starch and lipid;
5、Increase the quality of bedding and the hardness of feces,which makes teh egg shells cleaner;
6、Widen the feed formula space,improve the formula;
Dosage in the feed(calculated as activity 5000U/g):
(1) In the complete feed of layers/breeding hens:adding 60g Asianase PH5000 in one ton feed is equal to 0.1%(summer)--0.12%(winter)of available phosphorus,or it can directly replace7-8kg calcium hydrophosphate;
(2) In the complete feed of broilers:adding 100g Asianase PH5000 in one ton feed is equal to 0.1% available phosphorus,or it can directly replace 7kg calcium hydrophosphate;
(3) In the complete feed of pigs: adding 100g Asianase PH5000 in one ton feed is equal to 0.1% available phosphorus,or it can directly replace 7.5kg calcium hydrophosphate.

Company Profile


Chaoyang Starzyme, bioengineering Co., Ltd. Profile          Chaoyang Starzyme, bioengineering Co., Ltd. was established in May

 14, 2008, is the only province using submerged fermentation, full 

automatic control system of enzymes and probiotics 

enzyme research and production enterprises, the fermentation capacity 

of 500 tons. Registered capital of 29.5 million yuan. Lee states 

located in Chaoyang Kazuo County Industrial Park, covers an area of 

40,000 square meters, construction area of 12,000 square meters. 

The company has passed HACCP, ISO9001 certification and issued by

the Ministry of Agriculture Feed enzymes and probiotics production 


The company's existing stainless steel fermentation tanks and 

supporting a total of 20 sets of seed fermenter, 1 set of spray 

drying tower, seven large air compressor, ultrafiltration line two 

sets, oneset of air drying equipment, the use of submerged fermentation 

production of phytase, xylanase, mannanase, high content of a single 

protease enzyme, and produce beneficial YiAnkang series, Mae Hong 

series of complex enzymes and probiotics products. Enzymes as 

biocatalysts and efficient, with a green, healthy, pollution and 

other advantages, has been widely used in many industries feed, 

food, energy, environmental protection, paper, printing, beer, 

leather and medicine.


  In the company of "people's basic, quality of life, management 

effectiveness, technology and development, credibility forever" 

concept, will strive to build itself into an international 

technology leader in the production of bio-engineering companies. 

 China Star's door is always interested in the development of 

enzyme preparations you open!






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