• Performance DIN Abrasion Tester Rubber Abrasion Resistance Stainless Steel

Performance DIN Abrasion Tester Rubber Abrasion Resistance Stainless Steel

The tester is for the measurement of abrasion resistance or rubbers (vulcanized thermoset rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers) that are subject to abrasive/ frictional wear in actual service.

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Quick Details


1.Quick Details



DIN abrasive tester


test the friction of surface of rubber , tire, conveyor belt, shoe sole, synthetic leather









2. Description


The tester is for the measurement of abrasion resistance or rubbers (vulcanized thermoset rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers) that are subject to abrasive/ frictional wear in actual service. The abrasion resistance is measured by moving a test piece across the surface of an abrasive sheet mounted to a revolving drum, and is expressed as volume loss in mm3 or abrasion resistance index in percent. For volume loss, a smaller number indicates better abrasion resistance, while for the abrasion resistance index; a smaller number denotes poorer abrasion resistance.


3. Specifications


Diameter of 16mm,thickness of 6~15mm

Fixture load


Weight load


Fixture lateral moving distance


Diameter of the cylinder


Length of the cylinder


Rotation speed of the cylinder


Distance reservation

40m/20m(equals 84 circles/42 circles)

Abrasion speed


Incline angle

3°(the angle between sample support axle and the vertical plane of cylinder)







Performance DIN Abrasion Tester Rubber Abrasion Resistance Stainless Steel

Company Profile

Dongguan Gaoxin Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, located in dongguan, China.

We are a high scientific instrument manufacturer, integrated the research, design, development, manufacturing, sales and service as the whole. After many years hard work, we have developed stably and occupied a large domestic market in the field of test machine line. Manufacturing base was set in Dongguan with the area of 3,000 square meters. Subsidiaries and maintenance departments were set in the main city covered National region scope of Dongguan, Shanghai, Kunshan, Nanchang, Fujian and so on.

Many distributors with foreign sales and after- sales service agent certification were developed in the country of Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Poland and so on.

Gaoxin is a 120 people team leaded by high quality leader and skillful manages business sellers, designers and researchers, product staffs, measurement staffs and Inspectors, after sale service staffs and engineering and technical staffs. our company has obtained the CMC measurement license and the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, with comprehensive and reliable product development process and rigorous quality control system.

Our products are processed strictly according to the item standard of national instrument testing model and inspection requirement from design and development. First, all quality material components which came from qualified suppliers are selected, we keep signing the <agreement of quality assurance> with our suppliers. Second, strict product technologic process are obeyed, every process would be inspected carefully during manufacturing. Third, all product would be final inspected according to the inspection system before they leave factory. Four, after sales service is considered to belong to product control.

We always insist on the idea of humanism manage, full respect our staff development need. We engage professional teacher team incentive training, Give employees more Exchange of learning and talent to the stage, Establishing a good reputation and corporate image for the company.

Gaoxin has some series products as our main products, such as material tensile/pressure testing machine series (for example: hydraulic servo universal testing machine, electro-servo universal tensile testing machine and so on), Battery Safety Performance Testing Machines(for example: battery safety laboratory ,crush test, nail penetrating, impact, overcharge and discharge, projectile, free fall, thermal abuse, short-circuit ,forced discharge, Altitude Simulation).environmental testing machine series (for example: salt spray testing oven, constant temperature and humidity chamber, aging testing oven, solarization and weather of color fastness testing machine, cold and hot impact testing machine, precision oven, electric drum wind drying oven, water-resistant testing machine, ozone-resistance testing machine, high low temperature and humidity changeable testing chamber, ect.), Shoes testing machine series(for example: finished shoes bending test, Martindale firction tester, compress and puncture tester, Safety Footwear Impact Tester, DIN Abrasion Resistance Tester and so on), Leather testing machine series(for example: leather telescopic tester, TABER abrasion tester ,thermostatic water bath ,Bally/Maser leather dynamic waterproof tester, electric balance, density tester, hardness tester, thickness gauge, torque meter, force gauge, colorimeter, moisture detector, Moisture measuring instrument, Sports equipment series, caliper gauge, fixture, and so on.)
 	Dongguan Gaoxin Testing Equipment Co., Ltd.


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