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  • PV Auto safety tester

PV Auto safety tester

 Output frequency range from 40.0Hz to 400.0Hz, resolution is 0.1Hz; It can be used as a varied frequency source of high voltage; Besides, it is the only one  tester whose frequency can be continuously adjust in the safety tester industry.

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 CS9933G, intelligent ACW, DCW, Insulation Resistance, Ground Resistance tester is designed for test thephotovoltaic (solar water heaters, solar panels, photovoltaic power generation system, etc.). The minimum resolution of DCW current is 1nA, the maximum insulation resistance  up to 50GΩ. Test accuracy is ± 1.5%. TheACW voltage, DCW voltage, insulation resistance, grounding resistance parameters can be set separately. Once users finish setting parameters, the tester will do all the above test. With fast test speed, stable performance, saving time and work, high efficiency, our tester is special widely used in auto product line.
◆240 * 64 Graphic LCD display, user-friendly interface , easy operation.
◆Chinese and English interface,  meeting the different needs of different users
◆Test mode can be set arbitrarily.
◆Constant voltage output regulation  range of the output voltage is within  ± 1%; which guarantees the output voltage will not vary with the input power supply and external load. Measurement is accurate.
◆Fast discharge function The tester can discharge the DUT and the circuit quickly within 0.2s after DCW and IR test finishing; which ensures safety of operators.
◆DCW test with Open-circuit detection Preventing misjudge when test lead is off-line.
◆ With the OSC function.
◆Over-zero start Preventing damage of DUT.
◆ Voltage rise as time, looking for the breakdown points.
◆Set the current high-limit and low-limit alarm, to prevent misjudge when test lead is off-line.
◆Set offset value.
◆ During the testing, users can change the output voltage manually.
◆The tester is with real current measurement function.
◆ ARC function.
◆With GFI protection.
◆Pre-set and save the test parameters 30 groups and 99 steps.
◆Keyboard lock, to avoid the test parameters are modified by the operator.
◆Front panel software calibration.
◆ PLC interface is standard, optional RS232C, RS485, USB, GPIB interfaces.
◆ Electricity safety wall system, to protect the safety of users, DUT and testing equipment.
◆ DDS plus linear power amplifier to drive standard sine waveform, to make the pure output voltage waveform distortion is less than 2%.
◆ Rapid voltage build time
  (1)  DC output voltage building time is 60ms.
  (2) The minimum time between steps is 450ms.
◆ Output frequency range from 40.0Hz to 400.0Hz, resolution is 0.1Hz; It can be used as a varied frequency source of high voltage; Besides, it is the only one  tester whose frequency can be continuously adjust in the safety tester industry.
◆The minimum resolution of ACW is 0.1uA, The minimum resolution of DCW is 0.001uA; It is the only one tester with low current resolution in the safety tester industry.
◆ Output voltage with normal mode(N) and gradient mode(G); When the tester is set to N mode, after the previous test step finishing, output voltage is reduced to 0 firstly then output the next step testing voltage. While the tester is set to G mode, after the previous test step finishing, output voltage will not reduced to 0 .It will adjust the next step testing voltage directly on the basis of the previous voltage. It is the only one tester with two output modes in the safety tester industry.
◆Current measurement includes two modes GND mode and floating  mode. Ground mode Connected current measurement terminal with the case, this mode is mainly used in the test system. Floating mode current measurement terminal is suspended which is not connected with the case, this mode is used in high precision situations.
◆ Test results can be automatically stored in the tester, users can check test results easily; RS232 interface can be connected to PC for statistical analysis.
◆Set the voltage rise time, test time, fall time and interval time .
◆PLC interface can output either 24V level or contact signal
◆List display function when the test step is greater than 2, the tester can automatically show test results of each step after finish testing.
PV module and its wire and cable, connectors,rectifier

Company Profile

 ALLWIN IINSTRUMENT SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was founded in 2003, it is an integrated high-tech enterprise, which brings scientific research, production and sales altogether. 
      Companys products cover electrical safety testing areas and apply to the fields of national defense, aviation and space, military, scientific research, production, medicine, lighting, motors, electrical household appliances, telecommunications, education, and other industries. A large number of domestic well-known manufactories and world famous enterprises are our company’s regular clients, such as Siemens, Tsinghua Tongfang, LG, Hisense, Aokema, Johnson Electric, Japan Galaxy Motor, Panasonic, Sony, AO Smith, Fuji Xerox copiers, TCL lighting, Foshan Lighting, UT Starcom, China measures College key national laboratory on the regulation, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Ceramics (key national laboratories), China Electronics Science and Technology Corporation, the third Institute, the Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. In China, our company occupies more than 50 per cent domestic market shares, and the products also have been exported to Italy, Japan, Korea, Israel, Malaysia, Canada and other countries. 
      Changsheng always places scientific research and technological innovation at the first place, basing on market demand, and focusing on the employing and training high-quality professionals. We have a BA, MA, PhD, and senior engineers of expertise to form our experienced R&D and management teams. Basing on the full digestion and absorption of advanced technologies internationally, we have created a distinctive "Changsheng" characteristic to meet market demands. For the pursuit of higher technology and products innovation, the company will attract more technical staff and experts. Through our continuous efforts, our company has created low-grade, middle-grade, and high-grade production lines with high qualities, including programmable AC and DC intelligent pressure, insulation resistance, grounding resistance and leakage current measurement criteria and the Detection equipment. In particular, we are capable to produce the products which satisfy clients’ needs with a design customized for special purposes and specifications. 


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