• PLZ Hot Water Spray Autoclave

PLZ Hot Water Spray Autoclave

PLZ hot water spray autoclave applies to the glss bottle, flass jar. Sterilizing water is sprayed at different angle cheating nighterlrlperofure oirflpw inside the outoclove: this can ensure thewell-proportioned temperature inside.

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Far all heat resistant and waterproof package material
1. Glass container: Glass bottle, glass jar
2. Menfal can: tin can. Tin canned. aluminum can
3. Plastic container serial: PP bottles, HDPE bottles
4. Flexible pouch serial: flexible retort pouch, laminated film bag, high temperature cooking bag, vacuum bag.

Basic principle:direct heating atomized sterilizing water with steam
1 .Atomized sterilizing water can enlarge the heat-exchangearea in order to reach the efficient heat-exchange.
2. Steam and atomized sterilizing water will directly exchangethe heat in the autodave. Stearn heat can be 100% used,sovod hoot energy and goined the maximum energyutilization.
3. In order to reach the setting temperature, a small amount ofcirculating water will be quickly circulated with the well-distributed woler te,mperciture.
4. Sterilizing water is sprayed at different angle cheating nighterlrlperofure oirflpw inside the outoclove: this can ensure thewell-proportioned temperature inside.
5. Fvcilve autoclave controls the sterilizing effects by F valvepreset so as to make the sterilizing effects visible and Controllable without affected by the raising temperrature and size of food, and ensure the sterilizing effects of each batchare uniform so that realize the “Comnierciol sterilization”forfood industy.It is a vitally important Innovation for cannedfood industry.

Features of product

1.Don't need exhaust, save steam consumption and work withoutnoisy. Save steam 18%(comparing with hot water immersion autoclave and steam autoclave)
2.Do not need heat exchanger,direct heating and direct cooling. Speed up the heating and cooling process. Save the costs for maintenance of heat exchanger.
3.Create a quiet and comfortable operating environment
4.Sterntizing process is controlled by F value. Temperature and time of sterilization could be adjustable according to the requirement of the different food so that maintain the same sterirzmg effects.
5.Four pieces of mobile detecting probe are equipped with the autoclave, operators can monitor the F value of the food center andexam the heat distribution Inside the autoclave, get the time when temperature reach the center of food from its surface at any time(heat penetration).
PLZ Hot Water Spray Autoclave

Company Profile

From single machines to complete processing lines, we enhance value and capture quality, nutrition and taste in food products.
Zhucheng Jinding Food Machinery Co.Ltd was founded in 1996. For over ten years, we are engaged in the research and development the sterilization equipment for food industry. More than ten terms of technology which invented by ourselves obtained the state’s patent. our retort sterilziers were exported to many countries and regions including Maylaysia, India, Phlipiones , korea and vietnam and so on.
High quality is our final goal, our product are equipped with components made by the top-class companies(SIEMENS、MITSUBISHI、SMC) and humanized human-machine interface. All of this help our users get the best sterilization effects with the simplest operations. “Nanny style service” is our crucial service ideas, 24-Hours Service Hotline offers our best services.
Focusing on science. and Introduce advanced sterilization technology. more than 10 engIneers New Product Development Center researches the new products according to the various users. Our new invention which controlssterilization with F value was patented. We would like to change our lives with our exquisite and advanced technology.
Zhucheng JinDing Food Machinery Co., Ltd.


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