• Negative pressure eliminator

Negative pressure eliminator

Brand: LWGF
Model: DN 65-65

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No negative pressure water supply equipment mostly traditional mechanical breather valve is used to eliminate the negative pressure, eliminate action lags behind the formation of action; While vertical mute type products by preloading self-balancing type vacuum suppressor and intelligent microcomputer system to suppress the formation of negative pressure. At the same time, the new product is equipped with structure more reasonable and easy to manufacture the balanced steady flow can compensate for storage, through to absorb or release energy, effectively restrain an instant flow pressure, steady flow regulator, make sure that there is no any impact on the municipal pipe network. In addition, the vacuum suppressor breathing condition and opening and closing is through the detection and feedback of functional components, and the switch quantity is transmitted to the microcomputer, microcomputer again through the inverter to adjust water pump speed, make the pump suction is equal to the amount of municipal pipe into the water, forming the second line of defense security of water supply. Also, vacuum suppressor with air filtration membrane, effectively intercept dust bacteria influence on water quality, prevent the water from ambient air pollution; Wade parts material selection of food grade stainless material, also can eradicate corrosion pollution.


Company Profile

Jinzhou Laozha No Negative Pressure Water Supply Accessories Factory is no negative pressure water supply equipment and related accessories professional research and development, manufacturing factories, with multiple patents and technological innovation.

Main products: no negative pressure water supply complete sets of equipment, ultrafiltration tank by vacuum suppressor, negative pressure eliminator, digital vacuum suppressor, open cans, steady flow compensation chamber more steady flow compensation tank, the airtight storage type steady flow compensation pot, box without negative pressure jet device, can use the type water level switch, can use side water level switch, etc. Series of products.

Design concept of innovation is the biggest weapon of innovators, we rely on its own technological resources and natural product patent technology, constantly strive to perfect, breakthrough technology bottlenecks, continue to provide customers with high quality products and perfect service, sincerely hope the new and old customers to cooperate and seek common development.

Jinzhou Laozha No Negative Pressure Water Supply Accessories Factory


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