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l  Sealed pin joint for longer life

l  Easy to maintain; low cost of ownership

l  Standard flange, close-coupled and open throat hopper models

l  Wide range of materials of construction

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Outstanding Benefits Provide the Competitive Edge

l  Sealed pin joint for longer life

l  Easy to maintain; low cost of ownership

l  Standard flange, close-coupled and open throat hopper models

l  Wide range of materials of construction

l  High volumetric and mechanical efficiency

l  Minimal power consumption and operating costs

l  No valves to clog, stick or vapor lock

l  Handle clean water to viscous, abrasive fluids and slurries

l  Efficient and economical fluid transfer, extraction, feeding and metering

l  Smooth non-pulsating flow

l  Head independent of pump speed

l  Low NPSH requirement

l  Self-priming

l  Low shear

l  Viscosities over 1000,000 cps

l  High suction life to 8.53m

l  Entrained solids to 28mm in diameter

l  Fluid temperature range to 200


How a Progressing Cavity Pump Works

  The key components are the rotor and stator. The rotor is a single external helix with a round cross-section, precision machined from high-strength steel. The stator is a double internal helix molded of tough, abrasion-resistant elastomer, permanently bonded within an alloy steel tube. As the rotor turns within the stator, cavities are formed which progress from the suction to the discharge end of the pump, conveying the pumped material. The continuous seal between the rotor and the stator helices keeps the fluid moving steadily at a fixed flow rate proportional to the pump’s rotational speed.


Uncompromising Quality Design and Materials of Construction

Highest Grade Components

1.       Abrasion-resistant chrome-plated rotors in high grade carbon steel or 316 stainless. New Ultra-Shield rotor coatings are available on all models.

2.       Wide variety of Ultra-Flex stator elastomers to meet specific application needs.

3.       Wettable pump body parts in cast iron or 316 stainless.

Versatile Piping Connections

4.       Flanges available in 12kg/cm2 or 24kg/ cm.flat face, cast iron or stainless steel on pump suction and discharge ends

50kg/ cm2 .raised face flanges on discharge end of four-stage,high-pressure pumps.

5.       Suction port can be rotated to four positions,90? apart.

Open throat with large suction hopper allows smooth flow of viscous materials from auger assembly to rotor/stator elements.


Easy Assembly and Disassembly

6.       Only standard tools needed for repairs.

7.       Drain plug allows easy, complete drainage of suction housing for pump inspection or maintenance.


Low-Maintenance Drive Trains

8.       Hardened pin-type universal joints are sealed and lubricated maintenance.

Low angularity minimizes wear.

No thin bushings used.

Spare set of pin holes extends service life.

9.       Universal joint seal design increases service life three to five times over unprotected joins.

No metal bands or special tools required.

10.   High-quality pump packing.

Grease lubrication extends packing life.

Stuffing box water flush system is an option.

Mechanical seals available.


Longer Lasting Drive Ends

11.   Connecting rod is precision machined from high-quality alloy steel or 316 stainless.

12.   Heavy-duty, grease-lubricated bearings absorb radial and thrust loads.

Longer packing or mechanical seal life.

Meet ANSI B.10 requirements.

No relubrication need until pump disassembly

13.   Precision-machined chrome-plated carbon steel or 316 stainless drive shaft.

14.   Standard high-quality gear drives for close-coupled units.

Available with integral motors, C-face reducers with AC or DC motors and mechanical variable speed drives.

15.   Optional inspection ports on “E” size and larger for internal inspection without moving piping.


Field-Proven Performance

Water& Wastewater Treatment

Chemical dosing

Scum and grease


Lime slurries


Pulp& Paper

Chemical metering

Coating color


Stock transfer

Mill wastewater



Polyester blend

Calcium carbonate slurry

Polymer metering

Soaps and detergents



Pill pastes

Hand lotions



Oily water separation

Offshore oil platform transfer

Polymer flooding



Adhesives and mastics


High-pressure water



Company Profile

Dalian Pusiman is a machinery technology and development supplier who sells equipments to wide industries, for example water & wastewater treatment, pulp & paper, power energy, food & beverage, chemical, oil & petroleum, textile, tobacco, auto.

With professional technology and long term service experiences for world leading end users, we are concentrating on developing products’ function and quality to meet users’ new demands.

We are agency of some world leading brands and provide services for worldwide customers, such as PROTEGO, LANTIER.  
In order to meet different user’s cost saving demand, we also provides replacements spare parts for MOYNO, NETZSCH, HERMETIC, SPEEPEX, SULZER, MONO, HYDAC, PALL, please contact us for details.


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